Vehicles for the Military: Who at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Drives Them from Abroad. Serhii Melnykov, 4th year student of RTF, Bachelor. CAMPUS #50

❓🤔 💬 What are personally you ready to do for the victory? Who of you asked yourself about this?
⌛️🟰💵 You can invest not money, but your time, and to provide the soldiers on the frontline with what is at a premium. Every day, soldiers need optics, wheels and warm food.

This is the story of a student of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute who realized how useful he could be for the army from the first days of the war. 🥷🏻 He didn't niggle, and for almost half a year, he has been looking for and delivering vehicles for the contact zone from abroad. 🤝 He decided to go against the rules of the system, and the soldiers only benefited from that. 💥 Despite the threats, great mind to quit, and the need to study, he does not stop. He will not stop until the victory!

Serhii Melnykov, a bachelor of RTF, is in the new episode of CAMPUS on the KPIMedia channel.

⬇️ And here you can support the Armed Forces of Ukraine, so that they have something to drive: 🛻 💛💙

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