Meet: Aerospace Technology Institute. Interview with IAT Director Ivan Korobko

This year, the students of the Aerospace Technology Institute, established in April, also took part in the traditional Freshman Day. “The Kyiv Polytechnician” asked his director, Ivan Vasyliovych Korobko, about the new unit, the tasks facing this educational and scientific unit, as well as about its students and partners.

The Department of Metal Physics forms a new generation of researchers

For several years in a row, the Department of Metal Physics of the Faculty of Engineering and Physics has become a leader among university departments according to the results of international activities. This is evidenced not only by the indicators of its rating, but also by statistics.

Sport mentors of the KPI are Ukraine’s best

Among the best sportsmen of the city and Ukraine that are engaged in sport tourism there are many polytechnicians, the representatives of the tourist club “Globus”, e,g., the graduate of the HPED Bogdan Grabets who was recognized as the best coach in 2017.