More than ten Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute research projects will receive state funding

These are the results of two competitions of the National Research Foundation of Ukraine. Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute presented 18 projects, 10 of which were recommended for funding. In 3 more projects our university acted as a co-executor, one of them will receive grant support.

In the first competition - "Science for the safety of humans and the society" - Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute submitted 11 projects, 5 of which were successful.

NRFU supports:

  • Development of the concept of training specialists and advanced training in biosafety and biosecurity, Hudetskyi I.Yu., FBMI;
  • Intelligent models and methods for determining indicators of land degradation based on satellite data, Shelestov A.Yu., IPT;
  • Platform of artificial intelligence for remote automated detection and diagnosis of human diseases, Stirenko S.G., FIOT
  • Scientific bases of systematic monitoring of national and global challenges and threats in the conditions of cyclical occurrence of pandemics, methods and technologies of overcoming their consequences, Zgurovsky M.Z., WDC, XTF, IHF, MMI, IASA;
  • Toolkit for planning underground infrastructure of large cities to ensure the minimization of environmental and man-made risks of urban space based on a systematic methodology, Pankratova N.D., IASA.

 Another 5 Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute projects became the leaders of the second competition - "Support for research of leading young scientists”.

Grant funding will receive:

  • Development of a new class of metal-ceramic composites from powders of superhard reinforced ceramics for extreme operating conditions, Loboda P. I., IMZ;
  • Synthesis of low-cost ceramic membranes of controlled design for mobile MF / UF / NF systems, Dontsova T. A., XTF;
  • Development of thermophysical and structural-technological bases of increase in cooling efficiency of receiving and transmitting modules of radar stations, Nikolayenko
    Yu. Ye., TEF;
  • Geospatial models and information technologies for satellite monitoring of smart city problems, Shelestov A. Yu., FTI;
  • New high-ductility high-strength Fe-Mn-Al-C steels: the influence of technological parameters on the formation of their structure and physicochemical properties, Shemet V. Zh., IMZ;

The National Research Foundation is a new structure created in 2018 to support Ukrainian scientists. It is based on the experience of the world's leading scientific foundations. The NRF will provide grants to researchers regardless of the departmental affiliation of the institutions. Competitions are held to promote and develop the natural, technical, biological and medical sciences and applied research. All projects submitted to NRF competitions will be independently examined with the involvement of foreign experts.