All-Ukrainian Chemistry Olympiad for Applicants

In April the All-Ukrainian Chemistry Olympiad for Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Applicants took place. Its participants competed for the right to receive additional points for external independent testing in chemistry upon qualifying for the Faculty of Chemical-Engineering, Faculty of Engineering and Chemistry, Faculty of Biotechnology. 155 eleventh-graders from all over Ukraine took part in the correspondence round. Of these, 34 were invited to participate in the on-site tour, which was held on April 28 on the basis of the Faculty of Chemical-Engineering. Subject-methodological commission headed by the dean of the Faculty of Chemical-Engineering prof. I. Astrelin made examination cards with ten tasks, seven of which covered general and inorganic chemistry and chemistry of elements, and three - organic chemistry. Each task was rated at 10 points.

На виконання завдань відво­дилось три години. Після цього члени комісії перевіряли роботи, а викладачі ХТФ знайоми­ли учасників олімпіади з роботою факультету та університету загалом.

The winners of the Olympiad were: Vladyslav Syniak (15 additional points to the external independent testing in chemistry), Dmytro Karpenko (10 additional points), Karyna Podolska (10 additional points), Dmytro Ahishev (5 additional points), Alina Sikorynska (1 additional point).

Congratulations to the winners and thank all the participants for their perseverance!

Sincere gratitude to the pedagogical staff of Faculty of Chemical-Engineering (especially Associate Professor V. Potaskalovu, Associate Professor I. Lisovskii, Senior Teacher A. Kushko and N. Tarasenko) for their professionalism in preparing the Olympiad tasks!!

Yu. Miroshnichenko, Ph.D., Associate Professor of the Faculty of Chemical-Engineering, the responsible organizer of the Olympiad