Exhibition “Power supplies in industry – 2018”

From the 6th to the 8th of November, 2018, XVI International Specialized Exhibition “Power supplies in Industry – 2018” took place at the International Exhibition Center, where technologies and equipment for the branches of power engineering, alternative and renewable energy, industrial electrical engineering, electric power, atomic power engineering the oil and gas industry and the oil and gas transportation sector, the construction industry, transport and agro-industrial complex were displayed.

Among the developments that aroused the greatest interest of the visitors, scientists from the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute presented flat-oval heat-exchange pipes with incomplete transverse fines (Y.M.Pismennyj - TEF), a LED lamp (Yu.E.Nikolaenko - TEF), a solar collector of the water heating system (B.M.Rassamakin - TEF), a microinverter for solar panels (Yu.M.Tuz, M.V.Dobrolyubova – AED research institute), a gas diesel system of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute (V.G.Petrenko - TEF), a controlled magnetic field machine with axial magnetic flux (M.Ya. Ost Roverkhov, V.V. Chumak, E.A.Monakhov - FEA), electromechanical disintegrators of multifactor action for the production of nanopowder materials (V.F. Shinkarenko, V.V.Kotlyarova - FAA), a reference high voltage voltage transformer (Yu.L. Anokhin, VO Brzhezitskyi, Ya.O.Garan - FEA). Specialists who visited this exhibition did not miss the miniature heat pipes of complex geometrical configuration for the spacecraft (V.Yu.Kravets - TEF), the device for controlling the isolation of the winding of electric machines (V.V. Chumak, O.V. Vyshnevsky, AS Stultshenko - FEA), the device for quality control of the charged core of electric machines (V.V.Chumak, E.S. Ignatyuk - FEA), an automatic control system, collection and transmission of information from the electric object of the ASCII ARGON (O.S.Yandulskyi, O.Dmytrenko, V.V.Zakolyoyazhnyy - FEA), energy-efficient vector-controlled electromechanic system of elektrobus (S.M.Peresada, S.M.Kovbasa, V.S.Reshetnyk - FEA), an automated system for monitoring the geological environment in the zone of nuclear power plants (S.O.Lukyanenko - TEF).

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