KPI drones save lives at the front

The electric drones assembled by Kyiv Polytechnic students are now in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The ground drones were sent to evacuate and rescue wounded soldiers to the 23rd Separate Special Forces Battalion in the Eastern sector.

KPI students created a unique armored car

Our graduates have created an armored car for the Armed Forces of Ukraine with the highest level of protection. The development engineers assure that their " Inguar-3" can withstand hits from armor-piercing bullets, shell fragments, and an anti-tank mine.

KPI graduates created a defense business

Artem Yushchuk, a member of the KPI Formula Student team, together with other KPI students and graduates, organized the repair and modernization of hundreds of armored vehicles, and now is developing a new armored vehicle for the Defense Forces.

Saves soldiers and medics

An evacuation ground drone that saves not only the wounded but also medics. Kyiv Polytechnics create a stretcher designed by Dmytro Mamonov, an IDP from Sloviansk.

A unique rehabilitation complex from a PhD student of the FBMI

A modern remote rehabilitation system using the Osnova multifunctional simulator with biofeedback allows for professional rehabilitation of patients in a convenient place and comprehensive development of muscle motor skills in children with cerebral palsy, post-stroke patients, people with spinal

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