The winners of the University competition in 2017 for the best textbook, monograph, tutorial

According to the results of the university competition in 2017, the first textbook, monograph, manual, and the first prize were awarded to:

  • Yuriy Mykhaylovych Poplavok, Vitaliy Ivanovych Molchanov, Victor Аnatoliyovych Kazmirenko for a set of 2 teaching textbook "Fundamentals of Microwave Electronics", "Microwave Dielectric Spectroscopy" and a monograph "Dielectric Spectroscopy of Solids. Fundamentals of the theory and application of the method ". (Faculty of Electronics)

Second prizes were awarded to:

  • Authors Mykhaylo Zakharovych Zhurovskyi, Yuriy Petrovych Zaychenko, for the monograph "Fundamentals of Computational Intelligence". (NSC "Institute of Applied System Analysis")
  • Authors Oleksandr Terentiyovych Bohorosh (posthumously), Serhiy Oleksandrovych Voronov, Vitaliy Yosyfovych Kotovskyi, and Natalya Oleksandrivna Gordiyko for a textbook in two parts, "New Materials". (Institute of Physics and Technology)