In Kyiv a competition of public projects upon programme "participation budget" ( took place for the first time. Among the winners there were five projects of students and fellow-workers of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Such projects enable each resident to participate in the distribution of the local budget by creating projects to improve the city and/or vote for them. That is why they are called programs of "budget participation" - the participation of citizens indifferent to their city.

It works this way: the city government allocates the part of the budget for the initiatives of citizens. Residents are jointly developing proposals for the development of urban space and vote to choose the most important that implemented in practice. Voting realizes through IT-system "Public project".

In total 497 projects worth a total funding of 328,615,493 USD were submitted. 176 of them were rejected, 321 were nominated for election.

Voting for the first "budget participation" of the city was completed on January 30. Over 50814 of kievans gave 112,294 votes for attractive initiatives.

62 projects became winners. They will be implemented by the city budget. Among them there are 5 projects of students and fellow-workers of the National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”!

These projects are.

Open Laboratory of Electronics "Lampa"

Organizer and Coordinator - Lecturer Faculty of Electronics Eugene Korotkiy. The project budget is 740,000 UAH, voted for by 1,946 people.

"Lampa" is a place where a lot of equipment is collected for the study and development of electronics, where anyone can learn to design innovative devices and create a prototype of his invention. The laboratory is opened for six days a week, and access to equipment is absolutely free. Every day in the "Lampa" you can independently explore the electronics throughout laboratory equipment with the help pf compilation of open educational materials, some of which have established by organizers. In addition, it provides free lectures, seminars, workshops, hackathons with the involvement of industry experts, including ones from Silicon Valley of the United States.

Organizers have major plans for development. It is planned to equip the library in KPI with the laboratory of world-class for learning and development of innovative electronic devices with a large number of high-tech equipment that will be available to all who longs for technical creativity. Reading room is already allocated and the problem of its repair to create a comfortable and modern working conditions is already being dealt with.

Art Space "Colosseum"

Nikita Upatov advanced to the competition .

Budget of project is 585000 UAH, voted by 1525 people.

The project started its life in 2015. This was not the first attempt to revive the "Coliseum KPI", but this one was successful. It should be noted that the organizers were helped with the grant from “Nescafe” company.

For the stable operation of the platform meticulous work was carried out. The result was coordination of the official status of the platform in the university. "Colosseum" has become a platform for the development of creative young people, for carrying out of variety of activities not only for KPI students but for all students from around  Kyiv. Therefore, in 2016 the art space held about 50 different events.

The organizers plan to create "Urban Garden", conducting internal and external lighting, purchasing of the additional musical equipment, repairing of emergency areas and facilities, leading of communications etc.

The "Lamp Yard" project

(Art Space "Tower")

Coordinator - Nikita Gritsenko, FPM student.

Budget is 141,444 UAH, voted by 1,505 people.

Art Space "Tower" is a room in the left tower of the first building of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, which was used as a warehouse five years ago. By the efforts of student organizers were able to make room for an art gallery, and a year later they successfully implemented two phases: workspace and lecture-hall. Now the "Tower" regularly hosts a variety of events and the number of daily visitors has long exceeded one hundred.

Last summer the adjacent to the Art Space courtyard was reconstructed. It turned into a cozy outdoor green zone out of parking lot. Project coordinators started to there lectures, festivals, film shows and charity fairs. Organizers plans are to equip the yard with street lighting, comfortable chairs, poufs, audio-visual equipment.

The "KPIskelya" project

Organizer and Coordinator - Evgeny Kozak, employee of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

The total budget is 210,781 USD, voted by 1,405 people.

The project of a modern, convenient and accessible to all students climbing gym sport facility in National Technical University of Ukraine “Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute”. Initiator of the project is Evgeny Kozak, he is  going in for rock-climbing. The idea of ​​making a modern climbing gym at university for students appeared in it more than a year ago. After a difficult work to attract sponsors the construction began. So soon in sport complex we will open a platform for all those involved or who wants to learn the sport climbing.

The project "Repair of the football field of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute

(Reconstruction of "Small sports core")

Coordinator - Alexander Veklich, student PTI.

Project budget 971,440 USD, 1,289 people voted.

            "Small sports core" is a place for training and competitions among students, graduate students, university lecturers. Moreover, it holds sporting events not only for university, but also for the city level. Unfortunately, over time it lost its noble appearance and needs a restoration. Caring students prepared a draft maintenance and improvement platform aimed for improving conditions for everyone who spends sporting events. The project provides the replacement coverage of field and gates and also installation of modern energy-efficient lighting.

Eugene Buld

In 2016, Kyiv local authority started community project "The budget of local initiatives" that enables to implement projects aimed at city transformation. Winning projects will be chosen by online voting to January, 29, 2017 and realized by local authorities during the year.

Students and teaching staff of the university offered 5 projects aimed at improving of scientific, cultural and sport level of the university. Local authority will realize our projects in the amount of 2, 6 million UAH in case they win the competition.

Each of us can support all our five projects on the official voting sites by authorization with the help of BankID (Privatbank, Oshchadbank etc), card of Kyivans or electronic digital signature (instruction).

“Lampa”. Creation of high-technological laboratory for studying modern electronics, doing researches, projects designing, invention prototypes making: https://gb.kievcity.

«Coliseum». Shared platform in the inside court of IFF building, the space for informal education and creativity:

«Lamp court». Development and reconstruction of "KPI Tower" - creation of open space for recreation and cultural development in the inside court of the main building of the university:

«KPIscala». Modern open climbing hall for students and all those interested in climbing. Reconstruction of the old room of sport complex based on modern engineering performance:

"Small nucleus" renovation. Football pitch near the building 7 is a great place for trainings and tournaments among students, postgraduates, teaching staff of the university and all those interested. The project aims at floor covering change and gates as well as installation of modern energy-efficient lightning:

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