The local conference on issues of organization and realization of enrollment campaign to the higher educational establishments of all ownership and subordination forms in 2016 was hold in NTUU “KPI” in November, 19.

Pro-rectors and executive secretaries of enrollments campaigns of higher educational establishments of Kyiv itself and Kyiv, Zhytomyr, Chernigiv, Cherkasy and Vinnytsia regions took part in the conference being held in hall of Center of culture and art of KPI. First pro-rector of university, academician of Ukrainian NAS Yurii Yakymenko presided over the conference.

This is the second conference out of five that have to be held regions wide in order to inform universities representatives of corresponding regions about particular aspects of upcoming enrollment campaign.

The heads of several subdivisions of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Ukrainian Center for external testing of education quality and state-owned enterprise “Inforesurs” spoke at the conference. The conference started with the report of the director of department of higher education of MES, Oleg Sharov. This campaign will have special aspects since it will undergo a lot of changes at all its stages since, according to the speaker, in year 2016 there will a complete implementation in enrollment campaign of the law of Ukraine on “Higher education” in version of 2014.  As the speaker noted, the part of the requirements have already been implemented in year 2015, but the great part failed to be implemented due to the fact that after the law operation some provisions were not included into the enrollment requirements and some of its requirements become active from January, 1, 2016”.

Other speakers have also stressed on the innovations contributing to implementing these requirements into enrollment campaign. For further information – see attached files.

The conference ended with the answers of MES representatives on numerous questions of participants.

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