Filter for deep water purification

The problem of supplying drinking water of high quality is on the front burner in Ukraine as well as in most countries of the world. There’re many methods of water purification today, but most of them need using of complex equipment or additional reagent types and electricity that enhance the cost of product water.

The project «Household filter for deep water purifying» was one of the projects that were presented in the finale of startups contest of VII Festival of innovative projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2018».

The team of authors of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute developed and tested portable filter for natural waters purifying in laboratory conditions. It was done under the direction of the Head of Ecology and Plant Polymers Technology chair (IHF) M.D.Homel. The filter’s construction is surprisingly simple: it includes plastic body, filtrating elements and special grainy filtrating charge of sorbtion-catalytic action.

The filter allows purifying water from all kinds of naturally impounded body and molding it into drinking water. Key advantage of the developed filter is simplicity of design and self-contained operation; it gives an opportunity to get drinking water in the field environment. The filter doesn’t require any energy supply due to hydrostatic pressure because of the difference in elevation between filter’s body and drain hose for product water. Depending on product water characteristics one filter can purificate from 1000 to 2000 dm3 of water.

The filter can be useful for tourist and servicemen in getting drinking water in the field environment, natural and industrial disaster areas, where access to drinking water is absent or limited.