Prize from the President of Ukraine for IPT scientists

Young scientists, Candidates of Science, associate professors Dmytro Progonov, Sergiy Yakovlyev, Oleksiy Baranovskyi received a Prize from the President of Ukraine in 2018 for the work «Models and methods of cyber security of restricted information in ICT systems»

With love from Ukrainians

In the early years of independence ambitious children’s magazine took pool among children and their parents in order to find the symbol of the publishing house. It was like: what is the most known and the mostly wide spread animal in Ukraine? Most of them choose a pig as the best candidate.

At the meeting of the Academic Council: 11.02.2019

The Board of Studies examined the working group’s account on the question of university’s asset complex development during the period from 1972 to 2019, Sergey Ohinskyi (university’s internal auditing representative) stood with. After the discussion appropriate decision was taken.