Weekdays of the Department of Management: Quarantine Is No Obstacle To Students

Despite the difficulties and limitations caused by the introduction of distance learning, students of the Department of Management of the FMM strive to live a rich student life.  They eagerly and with pleasure take part in competitions, Olympiads, research projects, and other events.  The staff of the department, for its part, does everything in its power to diversify, make the learning process rich and fascinating, and provide opportunities for the comprehensive personal and professional development of students.  The first semester 2020/2021 seemed full of extracurricular activities, so students managed to demonstrate high results by participating in them.  We are proud and happy for them. At the same time, we dream that the future circumstances will allow us to attend events in the usual, not remote format.

On November 9-16, 2020, the final presentations of the results of analytical research of students of the Department of Management, commissioned by the Ministry of Economic Development, Trade and Agriculture of Ukraine within the project "Synergy of Knowledge, Experience, and Creativity for the Future".  The project began in the summer of 2019 by signing memoranda with leading Ukrainian universities. It implements with the assistance of UNICEF in Ukraine.  The project intends to involve active youth in state decision-making and economic development strategy.  The research aims to accelerate sustainable development and the transformation of Ukraine into a sustainable developed country.  The Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Kyiv National University of Economics, Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics, and others joined Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in this research.

Students of our department in three groups carried out analytical research in the following areas: “Economic breakthrough policies: world experience” under the supervision of Professor Alla Dunska, “Industrial policies: goals, mechanisms, tools and results” under the guidance of Associate Professor Zhanna  Zhyhalkevych, “Forecast of world development trends for the long term with a horizon of 10, 20 and 30 years” under the supervision of Professor Maryna Kravchenko.  The group leaders Vladyslav Lahodiienko and Iryna Hovoroshchuk (leaders of the first project), Oleksandr Bakalo, Mykyta Tiukh, and Yurii Berezhnyi (the second project), Vitalii Prudkyi, Ilia Merkulov, and Dmytro Staryhin (the third project) presented their projects to the experts.

Representatives of the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade, and Agriculture noted the creative potential of young people and praised the presented research results.  They assured everyone that the best results would become part of the practical activities of the ministry. In particular, the best research will serve as a scientific basis for managing decisions and strategic documents of the government.  Besides, UNICEF representatives proposed to publish an extended monograph. The publishing will systematize the results of the research.

UNICEF recognizes the need to involve young people and introduce new approaches to developing Ukraine's economic policy. So UNICEF, in cooperation with the Ministry for Development of Economy, Trade, and Agriculture, continues to support research activities of Ukrainian students. Such productive work will combine theory and practice, experience, and innovation. Moreover, young people will be able to express initiatives for its further directions.

On December 9-10, 2020, the All-Ukrainian competition of qualification works of students of higher education institutions in the specialty 073 “Management” under the study programme “Management of foreign economic activity” took place. Our Master's and Bachelor's degree students took part in the competition. The Odessa National Polytechnic University hosted the competition.

  Oleksii Brozhko received a diploma of the third degree for his master's dissertation on “Management of international activities of the enterprise taking into account the changing situation of commodity markets”. He worked under the supervision of Head of the Department of Management Viktoriia Derhachova.

Three more Master dissertations were awarded diplomas for victory in different nominations.  The research by Hanna Artiushevskia on “Formation of enterprise development strategy in the international market” under the supervision of Professor Alla Dunska became the best in the nomination “For the originality of analytical research”. The research by Kateryna Besarab on “Management of international enterprise development based on increasing investment attractiveness” under the supervision of Professor Alla Dunska became the winner in the nomination “For the best substantiation of scientific novelty in research”.  The thesis by Oleksandr Bail on the topic “Improvement of foreign economic activity of the enterprise” under the supervision of Associate Professor Kateryna Kuznietsova won in the nomination “For thoroughness of statistical analysis”.

The organizers of the competition expressed its appreciations to Viktoriia Derhachova and Alla Dunska.

Diploma of the All-Ukrainian competition of qualification works of students of universitiesOn December 7-15, 2020, the University of Wroclaw (Poland), sponsored by the company "Revas Business Simulations Games", hosted the International Business Simulation Competition for students.  The student team of the Department of Management called “Easy Way” took part in this competition.  The student tandem consisted of students of 2-5 courses. Each team member had his role in the developed business simulation: Mykhailo Hnyloskurenko was appointed a general director, Tetiana Zahorulko became a sales manager, Veronika Muzykoryshko was a financial manager, Artem Panin was a staff manager, Tetiana Prystupa was a marketing manager.  The team worked under the guidance of teachers of the Department of Management - Associate Professors Lina Artemenko and Maryna Pichuhina.  Students from four countries - Poland, Hungary, India, and Ukraine – took part in the competition. Teams played 8 rounds: developed strategies and proposals, formed a map of indicators and accounting entries, conducted marketing research and financial reporting, bent their opponents in the market, and increased their profits.  And it was our team that won the absolute victory, taking first place.

On December 17, 2020, the All-Ukrainian final competition of student teams LoNG 2020 “Look of New Generation” took place.  The competition is a long-term joint initiative of the Ukrainian Association for Management Development and Business Education, Kyiv Business School, and the Academy of Labour, Social Relations and Tourism.  The student team from the Department of Management called “Vires Animi” and consisted of Iryna Hovoroshchuk, Vladyslav Lahodiienko, Vladyslav Khilkovets, Denys Strelskyi, Volodymyr Naumenko, and Yelyzaveta Smertina. The team worked under the supervision of Professor Alla Dunska and won second place.

The competition partner TOV “Nova Poshta”, which actively cooperates with domestic universities and helps students master soft skills for a successful career, offered the task.  The participants of the competition were 47 teams of leading higher education institutions from 13 cities.  The team presented a non-standard, realistic, and economically sound project for TOV “Nova Poshta". They also brilliantly performed at the online finals. During the presentation, students demonstrated coordinated teamwork, public speaking skills, and the ability to defend.  We are proud of the winners and wish them new rises in the new year!

Associate Professor, Ph.D. of Economic Sciences Kateryna Kuznietsova
Doctor of Economic Sciences, Prof. Maryna  Kravchenko