Department of Management in Publishing and Printing Industry (MVPH), VPI

Address: Volodymyrska Str., Kyiv building # 25
Phone: 279-07-12
e-mail: : ovpk_kpi(at)

Department of Management in Publishing and Printing Industry (MVPH) was founded in 1990, as Department of Organization on Printing, Publishing and Book Distribution (since 1964 was functioned as a part of the joint department of technology and economics of printing production).

The Department trains specialists in "Management and administration", field of study "Management" on profile "MediaManagement and administration of Publishing and Printing".

The main scientific activities: research in the field of management, economics and organization of media, publishing, printing and bookselling business.

Qualification of graduates:

  • Bachelor of Management;
  • Master of Management in Organizations and Administration;
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Management.

Profile disciplines: Economics and Finance of MediaEnterprises, MediaMarketing, Management, HRManagement , Innovation Management, Operations Management, Strategic Management of Enterprises, Management of MediaCompanies, Accounting and Audit of MediaOrganizations, Statistics, Economic Analysis of MediaOrganizations, Finances and Credit, Financial Management.

Specialists main activities: organization and management of business, personnel, commercial, investment of media and printing companies, analysis and organization of their activities, the study of economical aspects of publishing and printing processes; technical and economic study of design decisions; selection of optimal directions of scientific and technological development; organization and management of distribution and advertising of publications, researching of mediamarket conditions; implementing forms and methods of distribution of mediaproducts.