Regulations on student’s sportive and cultural club of NTUU "KPI" Tourist club "Globus"

1. Main part

1.1 Student’s sportive and cultural club of "KPI" "KPI Tourist club" Globus " (further - KPI" Globus "or the Club) - an association of Students for the implementation of organizational and educational work at NTU" KPI ". The main purpose of "Globe" is engaging students in sports and cultural activities, involving active students NTU "KPI" on their entry into the sports and skills, expanding worldview formation of active life position, with a view to creating a culture of leisure among students . Also the purpose of the KPI "Globe" is the intensification of the processes of social activity among students, initiative and responsibility for assignments and harmonious development of the individual members of KPI "Globe". 1.2 The club uses the property base of the Center of Physical Education and Sports (further - COFEAS), subject to its management and the governing members of the club and has the position, the form with your name and its logo. 1.3 The club is a public organization, it has no legal status and it is not subject to the Law of Ukraine "On public associations" and other normative and legal acts regulating the activities of NGOs. 1.4 In its activities governed by the Charter Club NTU "KPI", Law of Ukraine "On education", decrees and orders of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, Regulations on campus "KPI" Regulations on student self-government "KPI" Order of the Rector №1- 220 of March 24, 2012. "On improvement of management system" and this Charter.

2. The purpose and objectives of the Club

2.1. Creating favorable conditions for the development and Leisure Club members, their intellectual and sports development among students of NTU "KPI". 2.2. Preparing students for independent creative, educational, cultural and sports activities. 2.3. Organizing and conducting at the University sporting, artistic and creative activities, competitions, seminars, lectures, involving students, faculty, staff of NTU "KPI" and other interested in this people. 2.4. Participation in competitions, competitions of various levels, presenting NTU "KPI". 2.5. Conducting extracurricular and educational work with students, promoting healthy lifestyles, enhancing their intellectual, cultural and sporting level.

3. The rights and obligations of members

3.1. The Club can include students, graduates, employees of "KPI". The structure of the Club can include the other individuals on the Rights of fans of this type of club, they do not have the status of a member of the Club and can not hold executive positions in it, their quantity should not exceed 30% of the members of the Club. 3.2. Club members are entitled to: 3.2.1. take part in the governing work of the Club; 3.2.2. sports, creativity in teams or the Club; 3.2.3. play for teams on behalf of NTU "KPI" in all competitions, contests, competitions; 3.2.4. use logistics unit of the COFEAS and mountain-sports camp "Globe". 3.3. Club members must: 3.3.1. carry out all decisions of the governing members and head of the COFEAS Club; 3.3.2. actively participate in the preparation and implementation of measures that organized and conducted by the Club; 3.3.3. to conduct popularization of healthy lifestyle among university students, to attract the largest possible quantity of students to sports and creativity; 3.3.4. care of the property and equipment NTU "KPI".

4. The creation, structure and controls

4.1. The Club is created the order of principle of "KPI" introducing by deputy-principle of scientific and pedagogical (educational direction), NTUU "KPI" and is registered in the prescribed manner. 4.2. The higher leadership of the club is the General Assembly (further - the Meeting). 4.3. Meeting elect the Chairman and government of the Club for one year. Charges legitimate participation at least ½ of the Club members. Decisions are taken by open voting, a relative majority of votes present at the meeting members of the Club. 4.4. The Chairman and Government of the Club carry out direct management and responsibility for the activities of the Club. 4.5. Meetings are convened at least once a year, or out of order. 4.6. Out of order meetings may be called by the Government of the Club or at least 1/3 of the members of the Club. 4.7. The competence of the Assembly includes: 4.7.1. determine the main directions and forms of the Club; 4.7.2. scheduling of events; 4.7.3. develop proposals heads of departments on which stipulates Club in respect of expenditure that are directed to the implementation of programs of the Club; 4.7.4. develop proposals for Regulations and amendments thereto; 4.7.5. election of the Chairman and the Government of the Club; 4.7.6. Approval attribute of the Club; 4.7.7. adoption of an appeal to the principle for scientific and pedagogical work "KPI" regarding the termination of the Club. 4.8. Club Assembly decisions taken by direct vote by a simple majority of the members present club. 4.9. A standing leadership between meetings of the Club is Government of the Club , membership of which is determined by the Meeting of the Club. 4.10. The minimum quantity of the Government of the Club include three members: Chairman, Deputy Chairman, Secretary of the Club. 4.11. The competence of Government of the Club include: 4.11.1. the implementation of the common organization between meetings of the General Meeting of the Club; 4.11.2. coordinating the activities of the Club; 4.11.3. Preparation of the General Assembly of the Club; 4.11.4. acceptance and exclusion from the club members. 4.12. Chairman of the Club is the Chairman of the Government of the Club and with it manages. 4.13. Club Chairman report on the work of the Government of the Club before the General Meeting, the management unit and deputy-principle for scientific and pedagogical (educational work) "KPI". 4.14. Chairman of the Club operates on the basis of this Regulation and exercise its powers without authorization. In the absence of the President performs his duties or Deputy Secretary. 4.15. Club Chairman reports to the head of the structural unit NTU "KPI" on which they are fixed, and deputy-principle for scientific and pedagogical work "KPI".

5. Logistical support

5.1. The club operates on a voluntary basis, is part of the branch on which it is fixed, and uses in its operations material and technical base of the branch. 5.2. The activity carried out by the Club: 5.2.1. business unit, which is fixed by the Club; 5.2.2. revenues from sponsors, individuals and legal entities of Ukraine and from abroad etc. 5.2.3. other income from scientific, artistic, sporting associations and clubs; 5.3. Club Funds should be spent according to the approved budget of the branch on which stipulates Club.

6. Discontinuance of activity

6.1. Discontinuance of activity of the Club by the order of principle of "KPI" introducing by deputy-principle of scientific and pedagogical (educational direction), NTUU "KPI".