Sport mentors of the KPI are Ukraine’s best

Among the best sportsmen of the city and Ukraine that are engaged in sport tourism there are many polytechnicians, the representatives of the tourist club “Globus”, e,g., the graduate of the HPED Bogdan Grabets who was recognized as the best coach in 2017. He became obsessed with mountains thanks to his mentor, Leonid Paizansky, HPED’S associate professor, the long-term head of the school of mountain tourism instructors, Nowadays Bogdan is the Master of Sports in sport tourism and the coach-instructor, who teaches young sportsmen. He was very kind to answer our questions.

– You are an experienced mountain tourist. Do you recall your first mountain tour?

– That was 10 years ago in Carpathians, in the KPI’s camp “Globus”. I’ve arrived and I couldn’t get enough of the fresh mountain air. So I fell in love with mountain peaks and pleasant sport atmosphere.

– So you decided to take up sport tourism?

– I guess. But on a serious level. There are many approaches: backpacking, water tourism, car tourism, bike tourism, nautical tourism etc. But I stick to mountain one along with my associates. There are difficulty rates in this sport, from 1 to 6. Such system provides the opportunity to gain the experience safely and gradually, thus preparing yourself for more complicated obstacles.  The difference between sport and just walking is that during walks you can just stop due to the weather or being tired, pull off from the route. But once you set a particular goal, prepared the team, “set off” the route on route-qualifying commission, it adds to your motivation, sets some desirable achievement. And in the majority of cases the goal is achieved.

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