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Українська мова

The All-Ukrainian Dictation 2018

2018.11.09 The All-Ukrainian Dictation

For the seventeenth time traditionally, on the Ukrainian writing and language Day, the 9th of November, anyone who wanted had the opportunity to write the radio dictation of the national unity.

Ukrainian Language Competition 2018

2018.11.09 Ukrainian Language Competition

Traditionally on the Ukrainian writing and language Day, the 9th of November, Department of the Ukrainian Language, Literature and Culture hosted the qualifying round of the Petro Jacyk International Ukrainian Language Contest - “The Literacy Master” Competition.

FL Student won the Ukrainian language contest

Ніна Цубера

Recently were announced the winners of the city stage of the XVIII Peter Jacyk International Competition on the Ukrainian Language, which annually collects the best schools and universities students, cadets of military schools for the holiday of Ukrainian literature.

Slightly feuilleton: about an extreme article, journalists and non-achiever

The narrative. On the 8th of November, Svoboda Radio published a serious article on its website entitled as ‘Ukrainian language and splitting moral hairs in ‘Igor Sikorsky KPI’.

Concerning one publication on the website of Radio Liberty

2017.11.24 Лист до керівника Київського бюро Радіо Свобода Інни Кузнецової

In the beginning of November the article "Ukrainian language and double morality in the KPI Igor Sikorsky" was published on the website of Radio Svoboda.

Respect our language

Поважаймо нашу мову

Destroy the language is very difficult, but it is possible. Unfortunately, our speech culture does not improve.

British Council project in Ukraine: "English language for universities": the course of implementation"

2016.06.2-3 робота делегації координаторів проекту Британської Ради в Україні «Англійська мова для університетів»

In June, 2, 3 in NTUU "KPI" there was a coordinators delegation of British Council project in Ukraine "English for universities" with participation of advisor Rod Bolitho and project manager Zhanna Sevastianova.

Про нашу мову

Про нашу мову

About our language

Ukrainization of the higher technical school of the 20-30th of the 20th century on the example of KPI

Колектив КПІ. Комсомольці інституту перед головним корпусом інституту. Літо, 1925 рік

Long time at the higher technical school of Ukraine in educational process generally used Russian. In Russian printed the majority of textbooks and grants, the main scientific and reference books which we use still.

Shevchenko’s Bukvar

Видання - 1861. Буквар Тараса Шевченка

Taras Shevchenko is a prominent Ukrainian poet, novelist, playwright, painter, political and public figure. He was all-round talented man with diverse interests. Taras Shevchenko devoted his life to the Ukrainian nation. Independent Ukraine full of happy people respecting mother-tongue and theirs own history was his main dream.



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