Циганок Б.А.

The historical experience of Finland to Ukraine

December 6, 2015 Republic of Finland celebrated the 98th anniversary of independence. On this occasion, department of history the faculty of Sociology and Law in cooperation with the company "Ukraine-Finland" organized on December 11 and had a history student seminar.

Economic cooperation of Poland and Ukraine 2015

Seminar: "Economic cooperation of Poland and Ukraine", which traditionally organizes Section KPI students this year took place in the rest home "Ryhvald yard" near the city Zywiec (Poland, Silesia voivodship) from 22 to 24 May 2015.

Boris Arkhipovich Tsyganok - 75!

Director of the Center for International Education, professor of electronic devices FE Boris Arkhipovich Tsiganok celebrates its anniversary.