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Міжнародний конкурс

Success of the heating power department teachers

8 методичних вказівок до виконання лабораторних робіт з курсу "Тепломасообмін"

The VIII International Professional Competition for Teachers of the University “Pedagogical Discovery: University – 2018” announced the prize winners. Among them were the teachers of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

TEF team – among the best in European competition


The international corporation Phoenix Contact, headquartered in Germany, specializing in the production of innovative electrical equipment, industrial electronics and automation products, is one of the world leaders in Industry 4.0.

The textbook of IEE and HPEF teachers is the best according to results of international competition

Охорона праці в теплоенергетиці

The final stage of the 2nd International Professional Competition for Teachers of the University “Formation of Competences in Vocational Education”, according to the project “Science and Education on-line”, announced the winners. Among them were representatives of Igor Sikorsky KPI.

MMI freshman Yana Zhabura is a prizewinner in the EUCYS-2017 international competition

2017.09.22-27 Яна Жабура – призер міжнародного конкурсу EUCYS-2017

On September 22-27, 2017, was held the 29th European Union Young Scientists' Contest (EUCYS-2017) in Tallinn, the most prestigious competition for winners of national competitions.

The student of KPI won tender of innovative projects

Марина Коршевнюк

On September 29 in Kiev took place the regional stage of international contest of the innovative Falling Walls Kyiv 2016. The project was based in honor of the 20 anniversary of fall of the Berlin wall and is supported by the German government.


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