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Декоративно-прикладне мистецтво

In love with floristics

N. Serova. Leopard

Feeling of a soft touch to the beauty and magnitude of nature, its sensitivity, fragility has long been breathed by skilled craftsmen, poets, musicians. But, apparently, from all the creative areas most closely connected with the nature was the art of floristics.

“Needle painting” executed by Nina Goncharuk

2018.03.06-31 Виставка художниці-вишивальниці Ніни Іванівни Гончарук

March 6 in the Art Gallery of the Palace of Culture and Art of the Igor Sikorsky KPI opened an exhibition of artist-embroiderer Nina Ivanivna Goncharuk. For the first time, she took a needle in her early childhood

“Masterpieces out of magic scraps” exhibition

2017.12 An exhibition "Magic Scraps"

An exhibition "Magic Scraps" was organized in the Picture Gallery of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute Center for Culture and Arts. 15 masters presented their works in the technique of “petchwork” during this exhibition.

To revive the traditions

Світлана Андрощук

Specialty in which qualify the HTF second year student Svitlana Androshchuk is absolutely “female”- “Chemical technology of food supplements and cosmetics”. And the girl’s passion is also surprisingly, “feminine” - embroidery.

Helps to organize thoughts and calm down

Тетяна Стасюк

   The third-year engineering physics faculty Stasiuk is a future engineer, a specialist of composite and powder materials.

Curiosities Of Vladimir Pushkin

2016.12.07 Персональна виставка творів В.П.Пушкіна

Personal exhibition of works of V. P. Pushkin was opened on 7 December in the Art Gallery of KPI them. Igor Sikorsky.

Paper workpiece by Julia Mamchich

Юлія Мамчич

Art contest "Talents of KPI" attracts visitors with original works performed in different techniques and genres. For example, you can not indifferently pass by the bright compositions, made in the technique "quilling".

For close people

Виставка мистецьких робіт талановитих жінок КПІ

Giving and receiving gifts is always nice. Especially from relatives. Especially made by hand. That was the reason of starting embroidery for Olga Litvinenko, who is a chief accountant of trade union employees. Once she received birthday embroidered picture.

Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk embroidered the patterns of her life

Ганна Миколаївна Кулик

This is exactly about Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk, associate professor of FMF. Her little Motherland is Ivano-Frankivsk region – the land of original folk artists and embroiderers. The first 5-year old Hannusya’s embroidery was the simple little rose on a piece of old bedsheet.

Master of screw-thread

В.Пушкін біля своєї скульптури Сесія

Artworks of V. Pushkin always differ from its originality and singularity of design. It arose the interest of visitors and heated discussions. Some of them adorn the private offices, the majority located in the 22nd campus building, where Vladimir Pavlovich worked as head of the laboratory.


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