Despite the war, artistic life at the university continues - an exhibition of works in the genre of decorative and applied art "The Beauty of Spiritual Unity" ("Donbas Wreckage") was held in the Grigory Sinytsia KPI Art Gallery.

The spouses Nadiia Samykina and Yurii Belan demonstrated beaded products. Nadezhda and Yuriy showed how to create wonderful and unique items with their own hands from small beads. The themes of their embroideries are diverse: charming landscapes, portraits, exquisite flowers, and cityscapes. Visitors could fully enjoy the colorful play of beaded placers.

kpi images - beaded products

The authors of the beaded embroidery, whose works were shown in the KPI Art Gallery, lived in Kirovske, Donetsk region, not so long ago. Since 2000, Nadiia Ivanivna has been the head of the Perlynka children's association at the House of Children's Creativity. She taught her skills to children who won prizes at city, regional and national competitions. Yurii Ivanovych joined beadwork and also became interested in this art (he now calls his wife a real master and himself a modest "candidate for master"). In 2014, they and their students were preparing for certification for the honorary title of "People's Art Collective." But it was not to be - the war broke out in Donbas... In September 2014, the couple was forced to leave their hometown, which was occupied by orcs, for Kyiv. They took their works with them. And here, in the Ukrainian capital, they began to organize personal exhibitions. On an amateur basis, they try to pass on their knowledge, skills and abilities to children and adults. They also continue to create beaded items. According to them, it gives them real pleasure and helps them overcome life's hardships.

Volodymyr Shkolnyi