Vyshyvanka – our genetic code

On the eve of Vyshyvanka Day that was celebrated on May 17 an interesting installation with such a name appeared on one of the walls of the H. I. Denysenko scientific-technical library of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

“Needle painting” executed by Nina Goncharuk

March 6 in the Art Gallery of the Palace of Culture and Art of the Igor Sikorsky KPI opened an exhibition of artist-embroiderer Nina Ivanivna Goncharuk. For the first time, she took a needle in her early childhood

To revive the traditions

Specialty in which qualify the HTF second year student Svitlana Androshchuk is absolutely “female”- “Chemical technology of food supplements and cosmetics”. And the girl’s passion is also surprisingly, “feminine” - embroidery.

Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk embroidered the patterns of her life

This is exactly about Anna Mykolayivna Kulyk, associate professor of FMF. Her little Motherland is Ivano-Frankivsk region – the land of original folk artists and embroiderers. The first 5-year old Hannusya’s embroidery was the simple little rose on a piece of old bedsheet.

Cross-stich paintings from Natalia Bashkyrova

In the Art Gallery of the Center of Culture and Arts "KPI",  was opened an exhibition of embroidery Natalia Bashkyrevoyi " Cross-stich painting ." At first glance at the work of folk master  feels that  this embroidery are unique and richness of color is simply fascinating.

But firstly  lets talk a bit about the author. Natalia was born in 1928 in Vasilkov. She graduated from the Physics Facullty of Kiev University of Shevchenko.   Worked  40 years at the factory "Arsenal" in Kiev. After retirement fascinated embroidery and embroidered the past 11 years more than 40 works. Embroidery was shown at  Andreevskii  in the gallery at the Foundation of O Gonchar. Honchar in the European University. Embroidery "Winter"  was represented in the pavilion in  Ukraine at EXPO 2005 in Japan and on several personal exhibitions in Kiev and Lviv.

Embroideries performed  by classical Ukrainian cross thread floss. They differ from traditional by accurate color reproduction image through the use of half-tones created pairwise combination of floss of different colors. Works Natalia marked as diligence selecting colors and the complexity of embroidery. Unlike classical embroidery in her works virtually absent  "filling" - filling a substantial part of one color embroidery. Multicolored embroidery achieved by the fact that the master often uses the works of more than 100 (!) Colors. Due texture thread tone works Bashkyrevoyi slightly changes depending on the angle of view, and it gives the impression of a surprisingly real atmosphere saturated with air and sunlight.

Of course, a description of the technical component in the work of artist gives fullness of aesthetic perception of its work. Looking through her embroidery, feel the incredible sophistication of its works, the ability to create beauty.You ought to see them! So we invite everyone to the gallery CMA and look to the website www.krestik.com.ua.

Vladimir Shkolny