International Vyshyvanka Day

Every year on the third Thursday in May, the International Day of Vyshyvanka is held. It is a celebration of honoring and preserving the ancient traditions of creating and using authentic embroidered clothing. 

Embroidered shirts (vyshyvankas) are currently experiencing a period of revival. More and more young people choose colorful clothes not only for tradition. They also believe vyshyvankas are stylish and imaginative. From time immemorial, patterns on the shirts contained deep meaning and encrypted information. Ancestors tried to protect their relatives from all harm by weaving red or black threads into the light threads shirt. Vyshyvankas' origins date back to the Neolithic era. Ancient Ukrainian embroidery dates back to the 2nd century BC. 

This year the International Vyshyvanka Day celebrates its 15th anniversary. The organizers offer to dedicate the anniversary to traditional Ukrainian music and environmental issues. 

Congratulations to Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute staff on this bright holiday. May colorful vyshyvankas bring happiness and a positive mood to you! Let us never forget our traditions and respect our own identity and values.