Sports club "Talisman": the formula of success

Already for three decades exists in the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute sports club "Talisman". At first it was a club of rhythm and health, but with the advent of a new direction - aerobics - it became an aerobics club and, in fact, confirmed its name "TALISMAN".

Today, you can remember a lot: good and bad, happy and sad, but most importantly - there is something to remember. Usually, the bad is quickly forgotten, but the good warms the soul for a long time. The life of a sports club does not consist only of training and competition, it is saturated and multifaceted, very mobile. New acquaintances, new goals, successes and disappointments, overcoming obstacles and a sweet sense of victory!

Victories are different: personal or team, in the fight against themselves or with a rival in the struggle within the team, in overcoming pain, fatigue, irritation. One thing is absolutely certain: everything is interesting and attractive, such a modern drive that wants to dilute compulsory studies and everyday fuss, especially when there is a result, you can see it, feel it, get a medal and a sporting title, it means - this is the way to success.

I want to comment and illustrate the way to success by the example of one student, a master of sports of international class in sports aerobics, participants of two World Games (2013 and 2017) from our club Ekaterina Sachik (RTF). I took her interview as a club manager, trainer and senior colleague.

- When you dreamed of becoming a student, how did you choose - where to go and why?

"Throughout my conscious life, I wanted to be a choreographer and join the Karpenko-Kary Kiev National University of Theater, Film and Television in the choreography department. But one day the words of Igor Kondratyuk: "Everyone can dance and sing, but not everyone can know physics and mathematics" my decision and my life changed - I chose the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, about which I do not regret at all! The choreography remained my hobby, and the engineering profession taught me a lot.

- What brought you to the "Talisman"?

- Ever since I was a child I heard about this wonderful sports club and I thought, why not? From the first day of my stay at the club "Talisman" everything has changed in my life for the better. I became more organized, sociable, responsible and determined. There were many new friends, bright trips in borders of Ukraine, abroad, to international tournaments.

- How did you study at the KPI: what prevented, what helped?

- KPI is love! I spent the best years in a circle of wonderful people! Sometimes there was not enough strength and time to do everything, but friends and colleagues did not let fall, they stretched out a helping hand. Student years for me are bright moments, new acquaintances, experience, adventures, school of survival and many other things.

And if I had the opportunity to experience it again - I would repeat it all.

Then we talked about our club leaders. In aerobics there is not so many boys representatives, but it was our club that always had boys and men in it, and it stood out all over Ukraine. And now the strongest sportsmen of Ukraine in sports aerobics are pupils of our club, students, graduates and even employees. The brightest of them is Maxim Buben, a graduate of the faculty of physical education of Kiev Polytechnic, a master of sports of Ukraine of international class, very titled and perfect athlete in all the criteria of judging in aerobics. Many students (both girls and boys), coming to us for training, when Maxim's room, froze with delight and entered the aerobics section or immediately to the club. In sports aerobics, 8 types of programs: individual performances (women or men), mixed pairs, threes, groups (5 people), Aerostem teams, aerodrome teams, AeroFank teams of 8 people. The composition is mixed in all team types, at the same time the team can play both boys and girls. Training is fun, emotional. Ekaterina Sachik, who came to us in the first year, we set out to train together with Maxim Buben.

- How do you remember training with Maxim Buben?

- Maxim is an athlete with a capital letter. When he received an offer to work together, I could not believe that this was happening to me. He taught me a lot, for which I am very grateful. Our training was difficult, especially for me as a beginner in mixed pairs. But Maxim made every effort to ensure that we acted with dignity. Thanks to our victory, I was able to get to the main team of the country - it was my dream.

- What, in your opinion, is more interesting in sports aerobics - individual or team performances?

- Team. After all, in a team you are as one: cohesive, synchronous and complementary, help each other, rejoice together, and tears flow from the whole team because of defeat or judicial subjectivity. In a team it's easier and more interesting to work, it's more pleasant to achieve results.

- How many countries you visited for the competition?

- International competitions gave me the opportunity to see the world with my own eyes. I've been to many countries (Colombia, Mexico, Korea, France, Czech Republic, Azerbaijan, Poland, Bulgaria, Portugal) and I want to say that it's unforgettable! First of all, thanks to the coaches who prepared us for world-class competitions. They are forever in your memory forever in your heart!

- What do you feel when you stand on the highest step of the pedestal and you applaud the whole world?

- Incredible feeling of euphoria and happiness! Thousands of hands, a noisy hall, sincere smiles, delighted eyes. This is what Colombia has for me. I was very happy!

- Who do you want to become now - an engineer or a coach?

- Sport and coaching practice is a hobby. I will be an engineer!

- Your wishes to freshmen.

- Live every day and every moment, because student life is given only once! Meet, manifest yourself not only in study, but also in creativity! Kyiv Polytechnic will make your life brighter, only if you want it.

That's how was our talk with the best athlete of our club, a good student and beautiful girl. The path of formation and development of Catherine Sachik is very revealing. Come to our gym for physical training, sports section, aerobics club Talisman (Igor Sikorsky Sports Center, aerobics hall, room 139). We will be glad to see you.

Tatyana Pasechna, associate professor of FBMI, president of FUSAF,

Honored coach of Ukraine, international referee

On the photo: K. Sachik left in the national team of Ukraine at the World Games in Colombia, 2013