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Charity Fair

2014.09.13 Благодійний ярмарок

September 13, a charity fair was held at NTUU"KPI". Funds from the fair organizers will send to help the Ukrainian military, which participate in the ATO.

"Labyrinth" Unites

2014.05.30-06.01 "Labyrinth" Unites

Adrenaline, desire of victory, these feelings overflowed student union activists, members of sports and intellectual game "Labyrinth." Traditionally, the event was held 30 May  till 1 June, 2014 in Kyiv Sea shores in the student sports camp KPI "Polytechnic".

On the 50th anniversary of the virgin lands student building teams

КПІ - 1962. Київський студентський будівельний загон на цілині

In early July 1962  the platform of the Kyiv railway station was  spilled by irrepressible student sea: with flags, flowers, white-toothed smiles and happy gleam in his eyes.

Legal Advice Center

Колектив КПІ. Персонал центру юридичної допомоги, 2010

Address: 144-A Borschagovskaya Street , room. 1, the trade union committee of students of NTUU "KPI"
phone number. 204-98-54
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 16.00 - 18.00

NTUU "KPI" building of trade union organization of students

Кампус КПІ. Студентський профспілковий комітет

Postal address: Ukraine, 03056, Kyiv, vul. Borschagivska, 144-A



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