One of the rooms of the Students Trade Union Committee is in creative chaos. Everything in this, at first glance, chaotic arrangement of office furniture, still empty tin cans and already made trench candles for the Armed Forces of Ukraine is clear to those who come here. After all, here is the holy of holies of the preparation of the well-known record for manufacturing simple devices for obtaining light, heating, drying clothes and cooking which was set at the beginning of December last year .

"However, our activists’ useful work for the front continues," Ihor Stepaniuk, the Chairman of the Students Trade Union Committee, says. "We are working, and we will continue to work."

At the same time, the charging point for mobile gadgets operation, and using the Internet during blackouts are being improved. After all, the network disturbance in the major part of the country's energy system due to the massive bombing of the state territory, forces polytechnicians to look for alternative power supply sources. At the beginning of mass power outages, Andrii Havrushkevych, an associate professor of the Department of Machine Design of the Educational and Research Institute of Mechanical Engineering, came to help the Trade Union Committee and gave his own electric generator for temporary use. After the installation of the electricity source, it was decided to provide the charging point for mobile gadgets with the Internet. For this purpose, the Scientific and Technical Association "KPI-Telecom" led by Pavlo Kucherniuk allocated the Starlink terminal for use. Maintenance of the electric generator was carried out, internal and external routers were installed with the technical support of the student design bureau of Educational and Research Institute of Telecommunication Systems under the guidance of Kostiantyn Lisovskyi. This allows us to use a high-speed Internet connection constantly despite blackouts. The main problems of the gadget charging point were and remain a lack of fuel and an insufficient number of extension cords, since there are many students and teachers who come to the charging point during blackouts.

Ihor Stepaniuk, the Chairman of the Students Trade Union Committee, plans to organize a so-called "Creative Power Place" - a network co-working space, where students and teachers will be able to work in the information space without interruption.

Viktor Zadvornov