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KPI prominent scientists

Bencion Moyseyovich Vul a Prominent Scientist in the Field of Dielectrics and Semiconductors

Бенціон Мойсейович Вул

Bencion Moyseyovich Vul was born on May, 22, 1903 in Bila Tserkva, Kyiv’s region in a blacksmith’s family.

Vagner Mykola Yuliyovych – zoologist, fostered by KPI

Вагнер Микола Юлійович

Mykola Yuliyovych Vagner was born on 11 (24) January 1893 in Saint Petersburg in the family of well-known zoologist Yuliy M. Vagner.  In 1898, after the moving to Kyiv Yuliy M. Vagner started working in Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Rodin Peter Rodionovich

Родін Петро Родіонович

Peter Rodionovich Rodin was born on June 17, 1922 in Kriuky village, Vladimir region, in a large forester’s family. His father was the only literate person in the village, owned a library, and his mother looked after the farm and took care of 8 children. In 1938, left the school with honors, P.R. Rodin entered the Moscow Aviation Institute of Technology (MAIT) for Faculty of Motorbuilding. He combined studying with his work at the plant. In 1945, Peter Rodionovich graduated with honors and enrolled in MAIT postgraduate course. In 1949, a young scientist defended his candidate's thesis and worked at the Odessa Polytechnic Institute until 1963. Firstly, he worked as a senior lecturer of Metal-cutting machines and tools department, then as an associate professor, head of the department, the dean of the Mechanical Department, and professor. Studies , conducted at that time, formed the basis of his doctoral thesis, which he defended in 1961.



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