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The science has to be a state priority and prestige area of society. From the report of a vice-rector of the scientific affairs M. Yu. Ilchenko about the work in 2018

Indicators of the publishing activity of the KPI according to Scopus

Landmark events for Ukrainian science took place in 2018: the 100th anniversary of NASU and the 100th birthday of outstanding scientist Borys Yevhenovych Paton – the president of NASU, the academician and the graduate of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute.

Science and Innovation in 2017

2018.02.12 Звіт проректора М.Ю. Ільченка про роботу у 2017 р.

2017 became the year of further implementation of the Law of Ukraine "On Scientific, Scientific and Technical Activity" for science of Ukraine.

Research and innovation in terms of implementing new legislation. From the report of pro-rector M.Y.Ilchenko of scientific work in 2016


Working conditions in the early implementation of the new Law of Ukraine on science, our university staff received specific performance in 2016 in the scientific field of innovations represented in the annual information book "Science KPI named by Igor Sikorsky - 2016".

Science and innovation under force majeure [2014]

The past year for our country was marked by important changes and hardships.

Science and Innovations. Not thanks to, but in spite of

2014.01.21 speech of M.Y.Ilchenko

Extract from the speech of M.Y.Ilchenko, Pro-rector for Reasearch, Academician of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, at the Academic Board of NTUU “KPI” (21.01.2014)

Priorities of the scientific and innovational functioning of the exploratory university

Image. Рейтинг підрозділів університету технічного і гуманітарного напряму за питомими показниками наукової діяльності у 2012 р.

From the speech of scientific work pro-rector of NTUU “KPI” M.U. Ilchenko at Academic Senate on the 14th january 2013 р.

In 2012 р. scientific and innovational activity of our university kept on developing. We have proved our reputation of the leading university of Ukraine, being on the list of world's best universities for the second year and having kept leadership in home rating of the universities.


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