"Kyiv Polytechnic" continues to acquaint readers with the reports of the vice-rectors of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute on the work of their subordinate units in 2023. Next in line are the materials of the report of the Vice-Rector for Scientific Work V.A. Pasichnyk "Results of scientific and innovative activity of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in 2023", which he delivered at the meeting of the Academic Council of the University on February 5, 2024.

kpi images -  В.А.ПасічникThe scientific and innovative activities of our university in 2023 were carried out under martial law in Ukraine.

The efforts of university scientists were aimed primarily at addressing the urgent needs of Ukraine in countering Russian aggression. 

The sustainability and effectiveness of the scientific and innovative activities of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists and students were evidenced by the Award of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for the development and implementation of innovative technologies, the launch of the third university nanosatellite into space, the creation and practical application of a number of UAVs, and other numerous achievements. 

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute's scientific equipment was updated. In 2023, it was purchased for more than UAH 4.1 million. For example, a liquid chromatograph was purchased at the Chemical Technology Facility, a device for determining the saturated vapor pressure of petroleum products was purchased at the Institute of IEE, a differential scanning calorimeter was purchased at the Institute of IMZ, a satellite ground control station was equipped at the Institute of IAT, a signal generator was purchased at the Institute of ITS, and depth cameras were purchased at the Institute of IHF.

One of the strategic tasks of the university is to develop and strengthen the position of our scientific publications. Among the 37 scientific journals of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, 7 are already included in category "A", and 20 in category "B". 4 of our journals are indexed in the Scopus database, and 3 in the Web of Science (WoS). The Research and Development Center together with the Scientific and Technical Library of the KPI carry out constant monitoring of the indicators of our journals. The university's scientific publications were re-registered in accordance with the new Law of Ukraine "On Media".

The dynamics of scientific conferences is positive. In the reporting year, 115 scientific conferences were held, and 90 of them were international. All scientific conferences of KPI are presented on the open platform of the OSCE. The international scientometric database Scopus presents the proceedings of 7 international conferences co-organized by our university.

Denysenko Scientific and Technical Library is the base for creating and maintaining an electronic archive of scientific and educational materials of our university, analyzing scientometric indicators of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists. The repository is actively developing as a resource for open access and dissemination of university research results, which today already contains 57 thousand documents - 20% more than last year.

The university continues to implement the Open Science Policy. As a leader of this process, KPI is a member of a consortium of European universities within the Open4UA project, in which KPI is assigned the role of developing and implementing university regulations on open science.

The effectiveness of scientific activities is largely determined by the funding attracted.

The university's scientific, scientific-technical and innovative activities are carried out on the basis of multichannel financing - at the expense of the general fund of the State Budget of Ukraine and at the expense of domestic and foreign customers. In total, the funding of the university's research in 2023 amounted to: from the general fund of the State Budget of Ukraine - UAH 26.7 million; from the special fund - UAH 69.4 million. In 2023, compared to 2022, the total revenues for science funding increased by 21%.

After a significant decrease in funding for scientific activities in 2022, it was possible to increase its funding by 21%. In accordance with the requirements for a research university, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute consistently meets the norm of prevalence of funding for research from the special fund over funding from the general fund of the State Budget. In 2023, the ratio was 28% to 72%. In 2023, the rate of revenues to the special fund per one full-time research and teaching staff member is UAH 36.3 thousand, which is twice the maximum requirement for formula funding. There was a significant increase in basic funding, grants from the National Research Foundation, and international cooperation projects. All this ensured the stability of scientific activity at the university.

It is worth noting that the number of national competitions for researchers has increased over the past 5 years. If in 2019 budget funds were allocated only within the framework of budget topics and state orders, in 2020 competitions of the National Research Foundation were added, in 2021 - basic funding, in 2023 - competitions for reimbursement funds. University researchers have actively responded to new opportunities. According to the portal "Euroeducation" in 2023, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute became the leader of Ukrainian universities in the total number of projects won in all national competitions.

In the reporting year, 29 research projects were carried out at the university, including 6 basic research, 20 applied research, and 3 scientific and technical developments. Of the total number of works, 7 were performed by young scientists. 12 projects are important for the security and defense capability of Ukraine. 

Here are just some examples of completed research projects.

In a fundamental study, scientists at the Institute of IMZ proposed and implemented a new approach to the creation of high-density frame metal-ceramic composites using superhard materials and high-entropy alloys as a binder to replace traditional cobalt, which is one of the most promising approaches to obtaining armor-piercing cores with increased penetration.

The following fundamental study proved the prospects of using combined thermal, ionic and deformation effects as a tool for targeted modification of the structural and phase states of the near-surface region of a wide class of structural and functional metal materials to increase the durability, quality and reliability of parts, products and structures of transport engineering and medicine.

Based on the results of the completed applied research, the scientists of the Institute of IATE proposed new operational control schemes in the field of heat and cold supply of settlements, which allow to almost halve the consumption of fossil and imported fuels.

The World Data Center for Geoinformatics and Sustainable Development scientists obtained significant results in their applied research on creating an information system for monitoring land cover changes based on satellite data. The information system can be used both independently and as part of decision support systems, situational centers for various purposes, to solve strategic management tasks in the field of economy, public relations, national security and defense.

According to the agreement with the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine on basic funding of scientific activities, the Institute of Advanced Defense Technologies ensures the implementation of the KPI's comprehensive space program. Researchers, specialists and students from 8 structural units of our university are involved in its implementation. In 2023, the amount of funding amounted to UAH 6.7 million. 

In June 2023, a Memorandum of Cooperation was signed between the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the State Space Agency of Ukraine, within the framework of which Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute was entrusted with the task of creating a space system of medium spatial resolution for educational and scientific purposes with the PolyITAN-12U nanosatellite. In 2023, the creation of an engineering model of the spacecraft was completed, which is being prepared for comprehensive testing and launching into space.

Work continues on a joint project with the Poznan University of Technology to create a nanosatellite "PolyITAN-3-PUT" designed to perform remote sensing tasks in Earth orbit. We received equipment from our Polish partners to modernize the nanosatellite ground control station. Work is underway to install it.

The University has two facilities of national importance. In 2023, financial support from the state budget for the maintenance of these facilities amounted to UAH 410 thousand. A set of maintenance measures provided an opportunity to successfully conduct research and testing of a special-purpose device in the interests of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

In 2023, funding for projects from the National Research Foundation of Ukraine was resumed. The implementation of 5 projects of the competition "Support for Research of Leading and Young Scientists" was successfully completed. The implementation of 2 projects under the competitions "Science for Security and Sustainable Development of Ukraine" and "Science for the Reconstruction of Ukraine in the War and Postwar Periods" has begun. 23 project applications were submitted for 4 new competitions of the NRFU. NRFU projects are a significant source of funding for research at the university.

In 2023, 6 scientific and technical development projects were carried out under the state order. The scientists have successfully completed three projects.

The main results of these projects were 

- an integrated orientation, navigation, and control system for micro- and nanosatellites as part of an electronic module as a unit of onboard equipment; 

- an experimental model of a flywheel motor with technical characteristics and accuracy of operation that correspond to the best world analogues;

- formulations of finished forms of food products for special medical purposes based on medicinal mushrooms and plant raw materials; 

- formulations and composition of laboratory samples of new environmentally friendly high-octane aviation gasoline modified with components without tetra-ethyl lead.

Last year, the amount of revenues from the special fund amounted to UAH 69.4 million, which is 38% more than in 2022. The leaders in attracting special funds for scientific activities are the Institute of Materials Science, the Institute of Chemical Technology, the Institute of Physics and Technology, the Institute of Physics and Technology of the Institute of Energy.

The main orders for research and development from the market in 2023 were aimed at improving the state's defense capability. Specialists of the Storm Design Bureau provided software development services to simulate the propagation of sound signals of natural and biological origin according to the specified hydrological parameters of a layered heterogeneous water environment. The project "Development of a mathematical model of a polarizing thermal imager" allowed to increase the capabilities of ground and aerospace remote sensing imagers. 

Scientists of the Institute of FTI, commissioned by the Ministry of Finance of Ukraine, performed a scientific and technical examination of the system and special software, which plays a key role in the implementation of operational activities by many market participants. The results of the work are planned to be used to amend the legislation of Ukraine.

In 2023, the scientists of the ER IAT continued to work on the creation of a flying platform for agrotechnical applications commissioned by a Ukrainian company. Measures were taken to test the developed design on the runway, and the system of onboard navigation equipment was finalized.

In the context of a reduction in national funding for science, the participation of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists in international projects is steadily increasing. In 2023, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute scientists implemented 8 projects of the European Commission Programs, 3 projects under the NATO Science for Peace and Security Program, and 5 bilateral projects. In the reporting year, 10 project applications were submitted to bilateral project competitions.

In 2023, the implementation of projects funded by the external assistance instrument of the European Union totaling UAH 9.1 million was launched: 1 project for the development of the innovation environment and 4 research projects. In addition, under this program, 3 scientific groups with existing NATO Science for Peace and Security projects received additional funding from the Ministry of Education and Science. 

In the reporting year, the Regulation on the Implementation of Initiative Departmental Research Works was developed and approved for the first time. 34 topics out of 168 registered in 2023 were completed. More than 132 graduate students and 87 undergraduates were involved in their implementation. A new Thematic Plan was approved for 2024, which includes 208 initiative topics. One of the most important tasks for the implementation of initiative topics should be to find additional sources of funding for the topic.

The research work of the Borys Paton State Polytechnic Museum consisted of scientific study of the museum's collections, research of biographies of scientists, researchers, designers and their achievements. The museum's scientific achievements in 2023 amounted to 34 publications. The museum was visited by more than 28 thousand people, about 400 excursions and online lectures on the history of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute were held. 

The results of the DPM research are presented at conferences and seminars. 9 thematic exhibitions were created, as well as additions to 3 expositions. The museum staff participated in 16 scientific conferences, made 26 reports, and added 706 items to the collection of the main and auxiliary funds.

Innovative activities of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute are an integral part of the educational and scientific processes. 

Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is a national leader in innovation, and the basis of this activity is the All-Ukrainian Innovation Ecosystem "Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine".

The twelfth Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2023: Innovative Transformation of Ukraine" was held in October 2023 as a national event. A total of 862 participants took part in the festival in person and online. The Sikorsky Challenge Immersive virtual exhibition of innovative projects has been opened, which is global, and now visitors from all over the world have the opportunity to view three-dimensional exhibitions, meet, communicate in virtual space, and present their own projects.

In 2023, 200 projects were submitted for the competition, 130 of them became finalists, and 27 projects were recognized as winners, 14 of them were represented by Kyiv Polytechnics. In general, 70% of the finalists and 50% of the winners of 2023 were projects of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute teams. As part of the festival, the International Forum "International Support for the Innovative Transformation of Ukraine" was held, which, in addition to Ukrainian participants, was attended by representatives of 18 other countries - the United States, Japan, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Poland, Israel, Spain, Turkey, etc.

Three panel discussions were held at the Sikorsky Challenge festival with the participation of government officials: "Innovations in the defense industry in wartime and postwar times", "Solving the problems of developing the Sikorsky Challenge Ukraine Innovation Ecosystem in wartime and postwar times", "Implementation of modern technologies for prosthetics and rehabilitation of people affected by war in Ukraine". 

In 2023, the university filed 101 applications for patent rights, including 77 for utility models, 24 for inventions, and 2 applications for industrial designs. In the reporting year, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute became the owner of 47 patents for intellectual property, of which 42 were for utility models and 5 were for inventions. By the number of applications for inventions and utility models, the university ranks 2nd among Ukrainian universities. 109 applications for copyright registration were filed and 63 certificates of copyright were obtained. Two license agreements on the transfer of rights to intellectual property were signed.

44 scientific and technical developments of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute were presented at the 21st International Industrial Forum. Significant activity of scientists and students was directed to participation in hackathon competitions aimed at defense and security of the state. The III All-Ukrainian Engineering Hackathon SmaRTF was held, with 61 teams participating. The KPI Upgrade Hackathon at the FEL was attended by 11 teams from 16 university departments. In May, the FIOT hosted the Day F 2023 Online Hackathon.

Scientific schools and research and teaching staff are the foundation of educational, scientific and innovative activities at the university.

In February 2023, 13 founding scientific schools and 67 modern scientific schools were approved by the decision of the Academic Council of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The materials about the activities of each of them are widely covered in the anniversary edition dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the university and posted on the KPI website (section "Science"). 

The budgetary reduction in science funding in 2023 affected the number of full-time research and teaching staff (RTS) and researchers (RR). The total number of full-time NPDs changed slightly, while the number of researchers continued to decline. In the reporting year, the number of postgraduate students who successfully completed their educational and research programs increased significantly. 

In 2023, the CMU Resolution established a new Procedure for the training of Doctors of Philosophy and Doctors of Science in higher education institutions, according to which 115 one-time Specialized Academic Councils were created at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute last year and 52 Doctor of Philosophy dissertations were defended. During 2022-2023, 22 doctoral Dissertation Councils were created at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, where 4 Doctors of Sciences and 3 Candidates of Sciences defended their theses.

The number of publications in Scopus and WoS databases is steadily increasing. In terms of scientometric indicators - the number of publications - our university is among the four best in Ukraine, and in terms of the number of citations and the Hirsch index, it took the fifth place. 

There is a noticeable coherence between the list of university leaders in terms of the number of publications included in the Scopus database and the leaders in terms of the number of citations, which indicates the quality and demand for these publications. The Hirsch index of the 20 most cited scientists of the university varies from 15 to 40, and the leading positions are occupied by specialists in the fields of engineering, natural and mathematical sciences.

The dynamics of growth in the number of publications, citations and the Hirsch index of KPI scientists has a steady positive trend. The most important thing for us at this stage is a significant increase in citations by publishing in journals that are in the 1st and 2nd quartiles. The decrease in the Hirsch index is due to the updating of researchers' profiles and an increase in the objectivity of the indicator.

In 2023, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute awarded researchers for publications in journals indexed in the Scopus and WoS databases, using a quartile approach that allows publications to be recognized, taking into account the influence of the publications in which they are published. A total of 494 researchers were awarded for publications in journals in quartiles 1-3. 

The share of R&D by young scientists whose projects are funded by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine is growing. Thus, in 2023, 7 research projects were carried out, of which 3 were completed. The effectiveness of young scientists' participation in the research competition is high. In 2023, all 6 submitted projects won.

In the 2nd year of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, our students have become more resilient and active in responding to the challenges facing Ukraine. A system of involving students in practical research and innovation activities aimed at helping the Armed Forces of Ukraine has been created and is being developed. 

More than 370 students have won international and national competitions of scientific projects and various competitions. More than 500 students took part in university-wide competitions, and about 60 in hackathons. The activity in scientific, engineering, and socio-humanitarian clubs has increased, and the network of clubs has expanded to 166. 

In 2023, on the recommendation of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the student research competition was held in the first round. It was attended by 129 students from 18 institutes and faculties of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, who submitted 116 works in 24 specialties. The most active were the Schools of IMZ, FMM, FIOT and FBT. A landmark event was the first All-Ukrainian competition of student research papers on artificial intelligence at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. 57 student research papers were submitted from 27 universities. 6 papers were recognized as winners, 3 of which were presented by students of Kyiv Polytechnic. 

Traditionally, the high achievements of our university scientists have been recognized at the national level. Since 2012, on the occasion of the Day of Science in Ukraine, five Prizes of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine have been awarded annually for special achievements in the development and implementation of innovative technologies in production and the launch of domestic innovative products. Congratulations to the 7 winners from KPI, who were awarded this prize. We wish you further success! We also congratulate 3 laureates of two Prizes of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for young scientists and 9 young scientists - scholarship holders of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine! We are proud of our young scientists and wish them further success!

We thank all researchers, academic staff, and higher education students for the scientific and innovative achievements of the reporting year. In 2024, we must do everything in our power to bring our Victory closer.

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