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NTUU “KPI” polyclinic

Кампус. Поліклініка НТУУ "КПІ", гуртожиток № 9, студентська поліклініка
The head of the outpatient department: Shamardak M.V.
Address of corps Street. Academician Yangel, 16/2
Reception contact number: 204-85-62, 204-95-93
Open: Monday to Friday - 8:00-19:00, Saturday - 9:00-15:00, Sunday – closed
Calls in dormitories accepted: Monday to Friday - 8:00-18:00, Saturday - 9:00-15:00

Caution – measles!

Caution –  measles!

Measles is acute disease with high level of contagiousness (up to 100 %).

The flu: what to do if you get sick?

The flu:  what to do if you get sick?

Influenza (also known as flu) is a highly contagious virus disease that can lead to hard complications or death. The flu is more dangerous than any other acute respiratory viral infections (A.R.V.I.), but it has similar symptoms with them.

We worry about the health of students

Колектив поліклінічного відділення КПІ

There is a spring. And with it the holiday of beauty, tenderness, sincerity, holiday of mothers, women as worker, women as continuer of the human race on Earth.

The Flu - this is serious!

Як захистити себе й інших від грипу (МОЗ України)

Is an infectious disease caused by an influenza virus. Usually, the virus is spread through the air from coughs or sneezes, through talks, and while shaking hands, kissing, through objects used by the patient ( handkerchief, towel, dishes, etc.).

Carefully: tuberculosis!

Обережно: туберкульоз!

Tuberculosis is an infectious disease that is caused by mycobacteria of tuberculosis.  It is accepted to consider that this is illness of lungs, but in fact, practically all organs of man can be struck by tuberculosis.

HIV – the plague of the 20th century

ВІЛ – чума XX століття

Ukraine belongs the first place on rates of distribution HIV infection in Central and Eastern Europe.

HIV - is the human immunodeficiency virus. Entering in the body and multiplying in it, the virus destroys the immune system, which is responsible for fighting infections.

Shamardak Mikhaylo Vasylyovich is turning 65!

Фото. Mikhaylo Vasylyovich Shamarda

If you ask an average person, with whom he associates the name of Mikhaylo Vasylyovich, military leader Frunze or scientist Lomonosov are mentioned.

How to prevent flu and ARVI (acute respiratory viral infection). Doctor’s suggestions


With onset of the cold season the amount of ARVI, which takes the first place in structure of contagious diseases, is dramatically increase. Herewith the cases of flu happen in only 12-15%. In the epidemic season in short time period (4-6 weeks) 70-85% of population catches these diseases.

Attention: ARVI!

Attention: ARVI!

It is obvious that with the beginning of spring term the quantity of ARVI rises.

The symptoms of ARVI: headache, pain in eye-balls, cold turkey, fever, rheum then cough, sore throat…
On second day it is necessary to see a doctor.

Treatment components:



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