About useful energy from... a bubble

In the final of the startup competition at the XI Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge 2022", a project on the production of hydrogen by electrolysis using ultrasonic cavitation was presented.

Young scientist from MMI Dmytro Kostyuk

Back in 2005, an inquisitive, purposeful young man, now known as Dmytro Kostyuk, the winner of the Young Teacher-Researcher 2020 university competition, came to the Department of Applied Hydro-Aeromechanics and Mechanotronics of MMI.

The cavitation and magnetic modifier of liquid environments

One of the projects which was represented in the final of startup competition on the VIII Festival of innovational projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2019» was cavitation and magnetic modifier of liquid environments. The work of this device is based on the process of hydrodynamic cavitation.

Mechatronic hydroplant

Alternative technologies and devices, which use renewable energy and energy saving technology, are being developed due to threat of global energy and ecological crisis in the innovative countries.

Summer School “Mechatronics in Engineering” 2019

From June 25 to July 4 at the Mechanical Engineering Institute of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, the Fourth Summer School “Mechatronics in Engineering 2019” was held. This event organized on the basis of the Department of Applied Hydro-Aeromechanics and Mechatronics.

Summer School “Mechatronics” 2018

For the third consecutive year Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute hosts students of technical universities of Ukraine in the laboratories of the Department of Applied Hydroaeromechanics and Mechanotronics of the Mechanical Engineering Institute.

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