Back in 2005, an inquisitive, purposeful young man, now known as Dmytro Kostyuk, the winner of the Young Teacher-Researcher 2020 university competition, came to the Department of Applied Hydro-Aeromechanics and Mechanotronics of MMI.

His path to science was consistent and predictable: in 2010 he received a master's degree in engineering mechanics with a degree in "Hydraulic and pneumatic machines", the same year he entered graduate school. Under the guidance of Ph.D., prof. Oleg Mykhailovych Yakhn, together with scientists from Wroclaw Polytechnic (Poland) studied cavitation phenomena in hydraulic machines, namely the visual study of flows in a gear pump, which allowed to study in detail the processes and suggest ways to improve them. According to the results of scientific work he defended his dissertation on "Improving the efficiency of the gear pump by reducing the intensity of cavitation phenomena in its working cavities" and received acts of implementation of scientific achievements in production and in the educational process.

From 2013 Dmytro Kostyuk works at the Department of Applied Hydroaeromechanics and Mechanotronics, lectures and conducts practical and laboratory classes in the disciplines "Blade hydraulic and pneumatic machines and hydraulic transmissions", "Hydro-Aeromechanics and hydraulics", "Mechanics of fluid and gas”, "Theory of Mechanisms and Machines", is the supervisor of bachelors and masters.

Under the guidance of Ph.D., prof. O.F. Lugovskyi and Head of the Department, candidate of technical sciences, Assoc. IV. .Nochnichenko as a member of the creative team, the scientist investigates the devices of cavitation treatment of fluids and systems for obtaining oxygen-hydrogen mixture, continuing the practice of visualization of fluid flow, studies the phenomenon of luminescence in fluid flow in hydraulic devices and together with O.M. Yakhn he plans to start the work on his doctor's dissertation. 

With exhibits developed as a result of research, he participated in a number of exhibitions, including the Festival of Innovative Projects "Sikorsky Challenge". Also, based on the results of scientific research, he published 17 articles in scientific journals, 4 of them - in publications included in the international database Scopus and WebofScience, made a number of reports at foreign, international in Ukraine and national conferences. 

The young scientist is sincerely grateful to his mentors, and now - to his colleagues for the acquired knowledge and support, for the friendly, creative atmosphere in the team, which inspires new achievements. "I want to wish future and current students, young researchers to actively participate in scientific work, to be thirsty for new discoveries to take over the scientific baton," says the scientist.