One of the projects which was represented in the final of startup competition on the VIII Festival of innovational projects «Sikorsky Challenge 2019» was cavitation and magnetic modifier of liquid environments. The work of this device is based on the process of hydrodynamic cavitation. The cavitation and magnetic modifier of liquid environments can be used in different branches of industry, particularly in the processes that occur in the liquid environment. Examples include the activation of liquid fuel, such as petrol, diesel, kerosene, liquid and gaseous environments.

The fuel cavitator in the compound of fuel system of the car provides the economy of petrol, the raise of engine power, the destruction of harmful emissions. The device is efficient for the wide range of the change of expenses and for the wide range of temperature, and no extra electrical energy is required. The activated liquid fuel has got high energetical rates of burning. The emultion, that is contained in this device, does not stratify because of the intensive cavitational moving on the molecular level.

The project managers are the colleagues and the students of the Mechanics and Machine-Building Institute (the Department of Applied Hydro-Aeromechanics and Mechatronics): a professor O. Lugovsky, a senior lecturer I. Nochnichenko, a senior lecturer D. Kostiuk, an assistant A. Zilinsky, a senior lecturer O. Haletsky, a student V. Zabila.

At this stage, the managers elaborated the prototype, applied for an intention and conducted the first experimental researches and motor tests. In the future, the construction is planned to be refined and thorough experimental researches are to be conducted in order to define rheological and chemical rates of processed fuel samples, complete motor tests for the purpose of the estimation of the efficiency and further certification of the device.

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