Anatoliy Ivanovich was born on 3 November 1935 in the town Voitivka (Khmelnitsky region). In 1957 he graduated with honors from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, specialty "Electronic devices". Since, over 57 years of experience in NTUU "KPI" assistant (1957-1962), senior lecturer (1962-1963), associate professor (1963-1970), Professor (1970-1971), head of the Department (since 1971). During the 1971-1974 he worked as the rector of KPI in the research. He defended his candidate (1961) and 33-year-old age – doctor's (1968) thesis, and in 1971 he was awarded the scientific title of Professor. Prof. A. I. Petrenko belong to outstanding personalities, well respected in the society known in the world of science and education, which, along with others, is the hallmark of the Kyiv Polytechnic University, its pride and ornament. That's why in 2015 the Scientific Council of the University he was awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding figure of NTUU "KPI", which fits well with the previous titles of "Teacher-researcher" (2014). and "honored Professor of NTUU "KPI" (1998).

Prof. A. I. Petrenko-known in Ukraine and abroad as one of the founders of the new directions in Informatics related to the creation of computer-aided design, and is the organizer of preparation of specialists in this field. They proposed, researched and implemented methods of nonlinear modeling of technical objects, methodology and principles of software and hardware complexes of the automated design in the Internet environment, virtualization resources using Grid technologies. Prof. A. I. Petrenko has created a scientific school "Computer design in the information environment of the Internet and the Grid", prepared 54 candidates and 5 doctors of Sciences, has published 440 scientific papers, including 29 monographs, textbooks and manuals, 15 booklets, has 44 inventions and 2 patents.

Three books and 35 articles published abroad, in particular the book "ALLTED – a Computer-Aided Engineering System for Electronic Circuit Design" in Australia (1997), "Algorithmic analysis of electronic circuits" in the United States (1975) and the textbook "Basic of Computer-Aided Design" in Bulgaria (1986). Of his textbook "basic theory of electronic circuits" (1968 and 1971), "algorithms for the analysis of electronic circuits" (1970 and 1976), "fundamentals of computer aided design" (1982), "Fundamentals of building computer aided design" (1984 and 1985), "Tabular methods for the analysis of electronic circuits" (1978), and others studied more than one generation of engineers in the CIS countries. Prof. A. I. Petrenko three times (in 1972, 1978 and 1990) received the Award KPI for the preparation of training manuals (along with co-authors), three diplomas of the winner of the contest NTUU "KPI" in the nomination "Teacher-researcher" (2006, 2007 and 2014).

In recent years, A. I. Petrenko with colleagues active in the field of distributed service-oriented computing based on Grid and cloud technologies, to create a number of well-known monographs and manuals: "Numerical methods in formatic" (Kyiv, BHV, 2006), "Introduction to Grid technologies in science and education" (Kiev, Polytechnic, 2008), "Application of Grid-technologies in science and education" (Kiev, Polytechnic, 2009), "Semantic Grid for science and education" (Kiev, Polytechnic, 2010), "A workshop with Grid-technologies" (Kyiv, Polytechnic, 2011), "towards a European Grid" (Kiev, Polytechnic, 2012).

Prof. A. I. Petrenko – laureate of the State prize of Ukraine in science and technology (1986), honored science and technology worker of Ukraine (1997), associate Professor, Michigan state University (USA), Honorary Professor at Mid-South University of China, honorary member of the Institute of electrical engineers (IEE) and certified engineer in the UK, one of the founders and member of the public Academy of engineering Sciences of Ukraine, Chairman of the specialized Council for awarding scientific degrees of doctors of technical science and the like.

A. I. Petrenko trained in England and received a diploma of the Imperial College, University of London, worked as a UNESCO expert in India, was invited to give lectures and scientific work in 12 countries, including the USA, England, Canada, Italy, Germany, Hungary, Bulgaria, Austria, Australia, Hong Kong, Korea and China. Information about him is included in the international directory "who's is who?" (1998). Honorary Professor, Michigan state University (USA) and Midwestern University (China), honorary member (Fellow) of the Institute of electrical engineers UK (IEE). Awarded the order "Badge of Honor" (1986), the medal of the Polish "Medal Komicji Edukacji Narodowej" (1998), medal of the Ministry of education and science of Ukraine "For scientific achievements" (2005), four gold medals and a Diploma of VDNH of the USSR.

On a professional level reading courses of lectures "Modeling complex objects", "Numerical methods", "fundamentals of engineering creativity". Acting head of the Department of system design of Institute for applied system analysis (IASA) and scientific supervisor of Center of supercomputer calculations of NTUU "KPI". Department under the supervision of Professor A. I. Petrenko over many years takes leading positions in the University on many indicators due to its innovation, constantly involved in research targeted State programs (ICT, Grid) and EU programmes (Inco-Copernicus, STCU, FW-7) and contracts with foreign companies (Digital, Intel, IBM, Panasonic, Samsung), provides a high modern level of training of specialists in computer science and information technologies, able to solve problems of application of modern information technologies and computerization of the functioning of organizations and institutions and of collective design in the Internet and Grid wide spectrum of modern equipment and artificial environment of man. The demand for such graduates is very large, so the Department JV has special agreements with well-known fir-mom Melexes (Belgium), ZMD and NR (Germany) and the institutes of NAS of Ukraine for joint training of specialists on computer design, and the firms give chair the unique equipment (for example, the world famous design systems Cadence), special scholarships, internships and postgraduate training, as well as guaranteed employment in the branches of these companies in Kiev or abroad.

The staff of educational-scientific complex "Institute for applied system analysis" and the administration wish the celebrant good health and longevity, optimism and new creative achievements. Good Luck To You, Anatoliy Ivanovich!