Specialist in intelligent monitoring systems of complex dynamic objects

            The significant achievements of young researchers of the Kiev Polytechnic find the recognition among the scientific community. The recent scholarship of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine for young scientists was awarded to associate Professor of the Department of devices and systems orientation and navigation of PBF Alex Pavlovsky.

            There are people who are impressed good feelings at first sight. To whom belongs Alex Mihailovich. Students follow him, colleagues consistently speak with respect. All the subjects that he teaches is actively being improved with the use of modern element base and multimedia technologies, such subjects as – "Electronics", "Tools and technologies of modern electronics", "Microprocessor technology", "Computer technologies in design of devices. Diploma and  magister projects was  done under the guidance of A. M. Pavlovsky, consistently receive positive reviews.

            "To improving students work is selected topic of the diploma thesis, which will be interesting for themselves – says teacher". Almost all students, which are took care by Alex, create their own devices based on modern sensors and microcontrollers. This approach allows us to fully understand, define tasks and to deepen understanding of the problems. Over time, young specialists are taken solve more difficult questions independly.  Professors credo is: the knowledge can’t be needless, now he and his students are study at Harvard masters course in the fundamentals of programming "CS50".

            Associate Professor  M. A. Pavlovsky conducts an active scientific work for the development, establishment and improvement of information and diagnostic systems for complex dynamic objects. This scientific direction is relevant for many fields of industries, particularly aerospace, oil and gas transportation industry and engineering. "In all Affairs and projects, I support and guide colleagues, my home Department of devices and systems orientation and navigation, which celebrated 55 years anniversary in this year – said the scientist."

            In 2009 Alex Pavlovsky graduated from the NTUU "KPI" for specialty "Devices of precise mechanics" and received the diploma with honors. In 2014 he defended the dissertation on theme, which is called "Multi-level vibration control system of aviation engine" under the guidance of doctor of technical Sciences, prof N. I. Burau. Now he proactively work on a doctoral dissertation on the theme "Scientific bases of complex intelligent monitoring systems of complex dynamic objects". Scientific research is conducted in close cooperation with leading Ukrainian enterprises: PJSC STC "elektronpribor", SE "Ivchenko Progress", JSC "Motor Sich" and the ASTC "Avadanei".

            It have already obtained the results for the improvement of the vibration control system of aviation gas turbine engines by extending the functionality of a regular system of vibration control. In 2013 these data were used to develop a control device of the vibration of the engine MS-500V and MS-14, which is evidenced by acts of implementation in the manufacture of the ASTC "Avadanei" and OJSC NTK "elektronpribor". The results of these studies were used to run three of the four state budget and contractual research with the participation of M. A. Pavlovsky.

            Associate Professor A. M. Pavlovsky is the author of over 70 scientific and educational-methodical works, which include one monograph, 15 articles in professional journals,  3 in foreign journals included in scientometric database Scopus, 4 patents of Ukraine and 5 certificates on copyright. He takes an active part in the scientific-technical conferences and seminars. Together with the students he prepared the exhibit "Universal vibration Converter" for exhibition in the Science Park "Kyivska Polytechnika".

            In addition, O. M. Pavlovsky maintains an active methodological and organizational work. He is the scientific secretary of the faculty of instrument-making and serves as academic Secretary of the Department of devices and systems orientation and navigation.

            Without a doubt, the name of the active, hard-working and persistent young scientist will sound in professional circles.

Inf. PBF