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Department of Management in Publishing and Printing Industry (MVPH), VPI

Address: Volodymyrska Str., Kyiv building # 25
Phone: 279-07-12
e-mail: : ovpk_kpi(at)

Student of VPI is the winner of the Management Olympiad

Inna Kiselova

The staff of the Department of publishing and printing industry congratulates the student of the group SE-61m, Inna Kiselova, with the victory at the II stage of All-Ukrainian Student Olympiad for the specialization "Management of Organizations and Administration".

Striving for self-improvement

Лідія Бур

Life is rich in patterns and an example of which is the reward for hard work and efficiency in education. That is about student of third year of Publishing and Printing Institute on specialization "Management" Lydia Boer, awarded scholarships rector "KPI, Igor Sikorsky."

Rector's scholars of VPI 2015

2009. Таланти КПІ 2. Маки, Катрич Олеся, ВПІ, батік

In this semester, several students of Publishing and Printing Institute, which is the focus of femininity and beauty in the KPI, were appointed scholarships by rector.

A word of thanks

Слово вдячності

Great sorrow has befallen our family. On February 22, my brother Sergei Petrik was killed at the area ATO near Volnovaha. February 25, we buried the loved one - the good son, brother, husband and father of two small children in the village Peremoga of the Nezhinsk region, Chernigov province.


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