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Notable achievement of our chemists [The first work of Ukrainian chemists, published in the journal Nature]

КПІ - 2011. Новий  світовий рекорд довжини для вуглецевого зв'язку С-С наразі становить 1,704 Ао

A new world record for the length of the carbon bond C-C currently is 1.704 Ao (typically 1,540 Ao). Remarkable is that despite on the record bounding length, synthesized compounds are stable even at elevated temperatures. The result was so unpredictable that it was necessary to undertake specific study causes of anomalous stability and this has led to fundamental discovery.

The presentation of small sports core

2011.09.02 Відкриття Малого спортивного ядра

On the 2nd of September in NTUU “KPI” an unusual event took place.

Japan and Ukraine - different destinies, shared hopes. Dialogues [Text]

Япония и Украина – разные судьбы, общие надежды. Диалоги [Обложка]

D. Ikeda, M. Zgurovsky Japan and Ukraine - different destinies, shared hopes. Dialogues. - M.: Publishing House "Grad", 2011. - 304 p. ISBN 978-966-97160-1-9

Meeting with the legendary cosmonaut Georgy Mikhailovich Grechko

2011.05.13 Г.М.Гречко, М.З.Згуровський, М.Ю.Ільченко, Л.К.Гречко,О.С.Болтенко у відділі авіації і космонавтики ДПМ

An unforgettable encounter with the living legend of the Soviet space program was held at the NTUU"KPI" on May 13. The cosmonaut Georgy Grechko visited Kiev Polytechnic Institute. He participated in the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite, three times  flew into space.

Legend of Cosmonautics A.A. Leonov in KPI

2010.03.30 Урочистості з нагоди 45-ї річниці від дня першого виходу людини у відкритий космос

Celebrations to mark the 45th anniversary of the exit of the first man in the open space, and the 35th anniversary of the joint flight program "Soyuz-Apollo" took place in NTUU "KPI" on March 30. Among the guests there were  A.A. Leonov - Soviet cosmonaut, twice Hero of the Soviet Union; V.M.

Treasures of Folk Art. Exhibition "Ukrainian Folk Costumes and Embroidery"

2010.02. У Мистецькій світлиці на ФСП відкрилася велика виставка “Український народний одяг та вишивка”

A large exhibition "Ukrainian folk costumes and embroidery" is opened in art parlor on FSL. The collection is based on the exhibits from the collections H.Yu.Marchenko, M.I.Tanskiy, L.M.Yukalo, V.F.Buyanovsky and O.P.Onufriyenko. Its proponents are Dean FSL prof. B.V.Novikov, Assoc.

Order of Friendship of Vietnam - KPI and its rector

2009.09.24 Нагородження НТУУ “КПІ” та його ректора нагородою Соціалістичної Республіки В’єтнам

Awarding Ceremony "KPI" and its Rector Academician M. Zgurovsky highest honorary award Socialist Republic of Vietnam for foreign citizens and organizations - the Order of Friendship on 24 September in the Hall of the Academic Council of "KPI".

Feat unquenchable. To the 65th anniversary of Ukraine's liberation from Nazi invaders

1980-ті. Підготовка військових інженерів офіцерів для ВМФ

October 28, 1944 the liberation of Ukraine from Nazi invaders was ended. It happened in the Carpathians, where the last Wehrmacht unit left our land under the onslaught of the troops of the 4th Ukrainian Front. The battle for the liberation of Ukraine lasted from December 1942.

The helicopter landed in the KPI

Кампус КПІ. Вертоліт -

June 15, The Technical Museum in the open air NTUU "KPI" was added with a new exhibit. The helicopter Mi-2, a gift of the Ministry of Defense, was installed at the site near the former hangar, and now the branch of aviation and astronautics SPM.

Student Academic Choir of Kiev Polytechnic Institute. To be continued…

Видання КПІ. Народна академічна хорова капела Київського політехнічного інституту. Далі буде...

The Chapel is a singing family: “the choir history of KPI, memories and art of chapelists”. The book “The Chapel” was firstly printed in May, 2009.



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