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Half a century with the newspaper: to the 70th anniversary of the chief editor of the newspaper "Kyiv Polytechnic" Volodymyr Yankovy

Volodymyr Yankovy

And since then the engineer and scientist V.V. Yankovy, who, by the way, has more than 100 scientific articles and methodological work, has been working for more than a half of a century in the newspaper's editorial department - initially he worked as a freelance correspondent, and since 2001 he has been working as the chief editor

Files leafing

Files leafing

There is a tradition to publish some materials of the past in the jubilee issues of newspapers. We also repeatedly posted on our pages notes and photos reflecting the history of the country and our university.

"Kyiv Polytechnic" turned 90!

Київський політехнік 21 квітня 1927 р.

We celebrated 90th anniversary of our first newspaper edition on 21 April.

As for the material published in the newspaper "The Mirror of the week. Ukraine" №21

2015.06.12-19 Стосовно матеріалу О.Онищенко під назвою «Брудна мітка».

The newspaper "The Mirror of the week. Ukraine" №21 (June 12 - June 19) published the material by O.Onyschenko called "Dirty mark".


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