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Ukrainian Mathematical Olympiad

2014.09.18 Всеукраїнська олімпіада з математики 2014  на базі Сумського державного університету

From 16 to 18 September, the final round of the Ukrainian Mathematical Olympiad among technical universities was held in Sumy, on the basis of Sumy State University (SSU). Prior to 2005, the Olympiad was held on the basis of NTUU"KPI" department of mathematical analysis and probability theory, and from 2005 - every May in  Sevastopol on the basis of the Sevastopol National Technical University. In connection with certain events planned holding of the Olympics this year was not possible, but SSU volunteered to conduct it in September.

Changes in dates and venue have had a significant impact on the presence and number of participants. This year's final was attended by only 47 students from 15 universities in Ukraine. NTUU"KPI"  teams consisted of the winners of the first round of the Olympiad, which was carried out in March this year by the department of mathematical analysis and probability theory.

Since 1987, the Department holds in NTUU"KPI" Mathematical Olympiads of different levels. Annually there are two types of mathematical competitions: faculties' Olympiad held in December which are designed to encourage students to involve into the Olympiad movement; in these competitions the best students by faculty are selected (total number of participants is more than 600 students). NTUU"KPI" Olympiad is held in March as part of the I round  ot the Ukrainian Olympiad, which invited the winners of the December tour and the best students according the current educational results (total number of participants of the NTUU"KPI" Olympiad is about 300 students). The team of NTUU"KPI" for the final Ukrainian Olympiad is formed on the base of the March results.

At the final of the Ukrainian Olympiad  2014 participants from the KPI showed, as always, good results:

  • In the category M (this category includes students studying in the field, requiring in-depth study of mathematics): K.Yu. Matveev (IASA, II year) - first place, V.V. Michailovsky (IASA, III year) - second place, D.V. Drabchuk (FAM, II year) - third place (out of competition);
  • In the category T (this category includes students of technical specialties):  I.A. Kasyanov, A.V.Dolinny (FICT, II year) - the fourth place.

In 2014, as in previous years, an important part in preparing students to participate in the finals of national and international competitions was student group "Nonstandard and Olympiad tasks of algebra and analysis", created at the department of mathematical analysis and probability theory. Group heads, senior lecturers A.B. Ilienko and I.V. Orlovsky taught students to creative  thinking and prepare them for successful performance on the Mathematical Olympiads.

Congratulations to the winners of the Ukrainian Mathematical Olympiad 2014 and wish them continued success in their studies, research work and presentations at high-level competitions!

 Inf. Department of Mathematical Analysis and Probability Theory


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