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Opening of Joint Educational and Scientific Center of NTUU "KPI" - "Progrestech-Ukraine"

2014.07.02 Opening of Joint Educational and Scientific Center of NTUU "KPI" - "Progrestech-Ukraine"

The opening ceremony of the Joint Education and Research Center of NTUU "KPI" - "Progrestech-Ukraine" took place on July, 2 at the National Technical University of Ukraine "Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".

The opening ceremony was attended by the Rector of NTUU "KPI" Academician of NAS of Ukraine Michael Zgurovsky, president of the group of companies "Progrestech" Volodymyr Kulchytsky, President of "Boeing" in the CIS Sergei Kravchenko, Vice Rector of NTUU "KPI" for International activities, Corresponding Member of NAS of Ukraine Sergey Sidorenko, Director of Institute of Mechanical Engineering of NTUU "KPI" Professor Nikolay Bobyr, director of "Progrestech-Ukraine" Andrey Fialkovskyy, representatives of the group of companies "Progrestech" and the teaching staff of the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of NTUU "KPI" and other departments o the University.

Center will work at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering of NTUU "KPI". The purpose of its foundation is providing additional possibilities for the preparation of modern mechanical engineers to work in the aviation industry. It also will be re-training of scientific and pedagogical staff of NTUU "KPI" and other technical profile universities and practitioners within their own curricula and training programs in the field of aircraft construction. The main emphasis in the provision of such services will be on modern software engineering methods and simulation, calculation of aircraft components and structures that are used by leading manufacturers of aviation equipment in the world. It is planned to be involved in the aircraft industry recognized experts. Its graduates receive employment opportunities primarily in units of the group of companies "Progrestech" - leading corporations to provide highly intellectual services to the aerospace and aviation industries in Eastern Europe, which also has offices in Western Europe and North America.

"The opening of the Center for us is, of course, a very important event - said during the meeting that preceded the ribbon-cutting ceremony, Rector of the University Michael Zgurovsky. - It will run on the line of our strategic interests. It is known that KPI was one of the centers of aircraft construction in the early twentieth century, and from these walls came a number of well-known aircraft-designers. "

The company "Progrestech-Ukraine" was founded in 2007 and, according to Volodymyr Kulchytsky is now the leader of other members of the group. Today it employs more than 200 engineers. Engineers working in Ukraine, taking part in the programs creation, production support and maintenance of aircraft Boeing 737, 747, Airbus A350, Gulfstream G650, Mitsubishi Regional Get, Bombardier Cseries and others. Moreover, within the framework of cooperation agreement with the "Boeing" in January this year of "Progrestech-Ukraine" has started work on a project of this world famous aerospace corporation and has increased its staff in Kyiv to more than 100 professionals, and it will grow in the future. It should be added that the company's engineering staff is 80% represented by the graduates of Kiev Polytechnic Institute and Kharkov Aviation Institute.

"The peculiarity of the business where "Progrestech" is operating is the qualification of experts is sold and not the projects. In this sense, Ukraine has huge potential. This is something that Ukraine could become even engine of economic development - said Volodymyr Kulchytsky. - I have always believed that Ukraine is the most promising place for such activities - preparing good professionals and here they are ... And if economic policy based on such intellectual exports, it will help to quickly increase its volume in the global market, and it automatically rises the education level.".

The opening of the training center in NTUU "KPI", said director of " Progrestech -Ukraine" Andrey Fialkovskyy, will create for the youth additional motivation in obtaining the engineering profession, because it makes learning prospects not only work in the specialty, but also engage in an exciting and prestigious business. And finally, to work not only for their own future and the future of their country.


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