At the meeting of the Academic Council of the University, held on September 17, Vice-Rector for Scientific and Pedagogical Work Oleksii Zhuchenko presented information on the results of the 2023 admission at all levels of training. Here are the main points of his report.

A significant evidence of the popularity of any university is the competition for applications. For the bachelor's degree at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, it remained almost at the level of 2022 and in 2023 it is 6.31. Given the small number of state-funded places, the highest rate was observed at FSP, FL, FMM, and the lowest at the Institute of MMI and HTF. A positive trend is the increase in the maximum volume of state order for bachelor's degrees compared to previous years - 4865 this year (4691 in 2022, 4477 in 2021).

Therefore, according to the results of a broad competition and targeted placement of the state order, 3905 applicants received recommendations for the budget (full-time education) in competition with other universities. Accordingly, the largest number of applicants were enrolled in the faculties/institutes: 615 - FIOT, 347 - IATE, FPM - 243, and the lowest number of applicants were enrolled in FL - 43, FMF - 52, FSP - 65.

If we talk about the contractual form of education, the situation is diametrically opposite: the largest number of enrolled students is 317 in the FMM, 243 in the FSP, and 216 in the FIOT. It is important to emphasize that the number of contract students enrolled in three faculties (the first three) is much higher than the total number of students enrolled in all other faculties/institutes. The general situation in the bachelor's degree in terms of enrollment on the budget and on the contract is as follows: the largest contingent for the first year was received by FIOT, the second - by FMM, the third - by the IATE, FSP, FPM. And the last three are FMF, HTF, FBT (data are given without taking into account additional enrollment). It is worth noting that the situation with the increase or decrease in enrollment by faculties/institutes is not the same: we observe an increase of up to 10% at IT faculties and a decline of 10% (and even 20%) in some engineering specialties.

As a result, 3765 applicants were enrolled in the bachelor's program on the state budget, including those in privileged categories and those transferred from contractual education. We had almost the same number last year. The situation is better with enrollment in the contract form of education: 1513 people were enrolled (excluding additional enrollment), which is 22% more than last year.

Compared to other higher education institutions, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute remains the largest performer of the state order for bachelor's degree, with 3905 people recommended for full-time higher education, Lviv Polytechnic is in second place with 3428 people, and Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv is in third place with 3130 people. That is, KPI is 12% ahead of its closest competitor. It is worth emphasizing that only 10 universities out of more than 300 existing in Ukraine have received state orders of 1000 or more.

As for the master's program. According to the applications, the competition for the master's program is traditionally lower than for the bachelor's program - 3.91. The largest competition was observed at the FMM, the smallest - at the School of MMI. This year, 7277 applications were submitted for the master's program, which is 17% less than in 2022. But it is worth considering the conditions of admission: last year, according to the Admission Procedure, neither a single entrance exam nor an exam for general competencies - professional tests for a number of specialties - were held. In the same year, the selection process was much more rigorous, taking into account the mechanisms of both external control and entrance exams at the university.

General statistics of applicants: KPI graduates of this year - 69%, KPI graduates of previous years - 7%, and 24% of applications came from bachelor's degree graduates of other Ukrainian universities. Enrollment on the budget: the largest number of master's students came to FIOT, IAT, MMI, the smallest - to FMF, FL, RTF, the largest number of contract students - FMM, IAT, FSP, the smallest - to IMZ, FBT, IAT. Statistics on enrollment in the master's program as a result of all types of competitive selection: 81% - bachelor's graduates of this year, 6% - applicants who graduated from KPI in previous years, 13% - applicants for higher education from other universities.

KPI also ranks first among Ukrainian universities in terms of enrollment in state-funded places - 1775, followed by Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv - 1513 and Lviv Polytechnic - 1297, which means that KPI is 15% ahead of the universities closest to us in terms of state-funded places.

There are 748 students enrolled in the contractual form of study for a master's degree, excluding additional enrollment and transfers.

The general results of admission to the university by form of study and level of education are shown on the slide (see page 1). Thus, according to the results of the enrollment, 7801 students became new applicants for educational services (excluding additional enrollment and transfers) in bachelor's and master's programs. This is more than 100 students more than last year.

As for postgraduate admission, we received 380 applications from applicants. Important: KPI is also the largest executor of the state order for the third level of education - 161 places obtained through competitive selection, followed by Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv - 152 places.

And about contract education. This year, the cost of educational services under the contract was increased by 5-30% depending on the specialty and field of knowledge, which provided the university with additional opportunities.

As a result of the admission campaign, the university has formed a contingent that is slightly larger than last year, and the educational process at all levels began in different modes. The theoretical part is mainly in distance learning, while professional subjects and practical training are conducted offline.

As for the immediate tasks. We are facing internal accreditation procedures, and this year is no exception. Therefore, from September 18 to October 20, self-analysis is carried out at the level of departments and faculties/institutes, then analysis at the level of the university accreditation commission, taking into account the list of fields of knowledge and specialties. Internal accreditation at Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute goes hand in hand with the updating of educational programs. Therefore, a number of measures will be taken to implement internal accreditation procedures and update educational programs and bring them in line with the requirements of real sectors of the economy. By October 27, the accreditation commissions of the faculties/institutes must summarize the materials and submit them to the Department of Educational Quality. And by November 10, all performance indicators will be analyzed at the university level, recommendations will be provided, and management decisions will be made to optimize and update the list of educational programs at all levels of higher education.

At the same time, we traditionally pay attention to research activities, financial revenues, the number of students and staffing of educational programs. This is especially important given certain trends in the Ukrainian legislation, which is currently under public discussion and forms a slightly different model for determining the workload. Therefore, we must take into account that the new model may propose a transition to a model in which a pedagogical employee will have a teaching load of 900 hours, and a research and teaching employee will have a teaching load of up to 500 hours, depending on the amount of research work. Therefore, we will take a balanced approach to the formation of staffing lists of departments.

Traditionally, the university has a very busy period of external accreditation of educational programs: 74 educational programs have to be accredited during this academic year in accordance with the criteria for this procedure. 37 of them - in September-October, the rest - in January-April. Preparations for accreditation are in full swing, so let's hope for good, effective results.

Prepared by Nadiya Libert

KPI congratulates its future students

According to the results of a wide competition for the distribution of state orders among higher education institutions of Ukraine, Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute received almost 4000 recommendations for enrollment of applicants for budget places. This is the largest placement of the state order for the first - bachelor's - level of higher education among Ukrainian universities.

During the first two days of accepting documents from applicants recommended for state-funded places, more than 3000 applicants confirmed their choice of KPI in their personal electronic accounts. More than 1500 applicants fully met the requirements for admission.

⏰ Documents are accepted until 18:00 on August 8.

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