“TechnoHUB KPI” - Scientific and Innovative Platform

According to the Rector’s order №7 / 162 from 09.09.2020 a new scientific and innovative platform “TechnoHUB KPI” will be developed in our University. It will provide a more effective interface between the Department of Innovation and Technology Transfer, Research and Development Department, Science Park “Kyiv Polytechnic”, Startup School “Sikorsky Challenge”, Innovation Holding “Sikorsky Challenge” in conducting research, implementing innovation projects and startups, ensuring their distribution in domestic and foreign markets. The “TechnoHUB KPI” will be located on Poliova Street with a total area of about 1500 sq. m.

Vitaliy Pasichnyk, Vice-rector of Scientific Affairs, has been appointed Scientific Director of the Technohub. A correspondent of the newspaper “Kyiv Politechnic” is interviewing him.

- Explain what a techno hub is and how it works.

- The main tasks of the “TechnoHUB KPI” are implementing of innovative research projects, which representatives of our university (teachers, researchers, students, graduate students) and employees of various partner organizations will take part in.

The word "hub" means a place of connection. The “TechnoHUB KPI” is an organizational structure that unites many different participants in order to create innovative products. The “TechnoHUB KPI” is a place where finances, infrastructure, advanced technologies, innovative training, and personnel are combined. Accordingly, each participant makes a certain contribution to the techno activities hub and receives something in return. As a result, achieved synergetic effect makes it possible to expedite implementing and bringing of innovative products to market.


[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]