MAN Conference on Freshwater Conservation and Water Treatment

On May 17-18 the Third Scientific and Practical Conference within the framework of the All-Ukrainian Student Project "Freshwater Conservation and Water Treatment as Components of Sustainable Development of Ukraine" was held at the basis of XTF faculty of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. The main objective of this project is to combine the intellectual and creative abilities of student youth to develop innovative solutions to address current and future water problems. The conference, which was attended by about 50 students (6-11 grade students from more than 20 general secondary education institutions), was organized by the Department of Chemistry and Biology of the Kyiv Minor Academy of Student Youth (KMANUM) in collaboration with the Faculty of Science.

In his welcoming speech, Dean of the Faculty of Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Igor Mikhailovich Astrelin, emphasized the great importance of water in our lives. "Water is a true natural resource, the most important fluid on our planet that we must treat with great respect, without harming it and carefully protecting it. Each of us must remember that natural water supplies are limited, so the problem of quality water supply was, is and will be relevant for the people of planet Earth! Life is only where there is water and, conversely, where there is water - there is life! That's why everyone of us has to do some little good work for the conservation, protection and reproduction of water resources! "- emphasized Igor Myhaylovych. He noted the great contribution of scientific and pedagogical leaders to the education of student youth, the unlocking of its potential on the way to the first successful steps in great science, and finally invited future entrants to enter the leading faculty to interesting scientific cooperation.

The participants of the event were also greeted by the Head of the Research and Development Department of the Scientific and Production Association "Ecosoft" LLC Candidate of Chemical Sciences Sergey Vasilyuk and Deputy Director of the Department of Water Supply Management of PJSC "AK" Kyivvodokanal "Vladislav Stolyar. "Ukraine is rich in water resources, but their conservation and rational use should be a priority in the development of the state right now, otherwise, with years of delay, this issue will become acutely relevant in itself. From your works it is clear that you are your relentless energy, intellectual and creative they are able to identify current and possible future environmental hazards and offer their own ways of overcoming them, "they said.

The conference was interesting and productive. The members of the Expert Council are the staff of the Faculty of Science (associate professors Tetiana Pylypenko, Sergiy Kontsevoy, Alexander Bouquet, senior lecturer Olga Kachorovska) and KMANUM (Victoria Chernenko, Head of the Department of Chemistry and Biology and Olena Isachenko, Head of the Department of Ecology and Agrarian Sciences). The participants of the conference listened with interest to the speeches of the speakers, asked questions, clarified all the intricacies of the work, and most importantly - the main purpose and independence of performance.

After the presentations, the audience saw the fascinating performance "Interesting Chemistry". All the interesting experiences ("Butaphorian blood", "smoke without fire", "Pharaoh snakes", "Rudolf Böttger volcano", "Kibalchich passion", sparklers, catalytic decomposition of hydrogen peroxide, explosion of hydrogen mixture with oxygen and many other miracles) cognitive presentations prepared by the lyceum students. The experiments were demonstrated by MANivtsi - students of the Kyiv Lyceum "Scientific Change", prepared for this event by the staff of the Department of General and Inorganic Chemistry of the XTF - Head of the Laboratory Olena Shuranova and Leading Engineers Victoria Lysenko and Tetiana Kushmyruk.

Many thanks to all the organizers and participants of the conference!

Olga Kachorovska, Deputy Dean of the FTF for career guidance