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Oleg Skrypka: I Believe in Ukraine

2017.10.25 Творча зустріч з Олегом Скрипкою

Numerous fans gathered in NTB (science-tech library) at the meet-the-artist event with the graduate of the Kyiv Polytechnic, famous rock musician Oleg Skrypka on October 25. The guest sincerely and freely communicated with the audience - students and staff of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute. He told about his studentship, answered the questions and performed some songs (the audience was actively singing along).

From what was said during the event. Oleg studied well at school, loved math and physics, was taken with the idea of becoming a scientist. He passed the entrance examinations to MIPT (Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology), but he didn’t pass by the competition. He entered Kyiv Polytechnic Institute with good marks. He improved his studying during the second year of studying. He was even a member of the club of excellence. He was a volunteer, a romancer and a powerhouse with Vlad Troitskyi: student theatre, music festivals “Zolotyi intehral”, rock band “Vymia” (four members were giving “artistic millk” to their listeners), discos at the club “Vatra” and finally – “Vopli Vidopliassova”. Before the meeting he visited the 15th dormitory where he had lived and claimed that there had been a few girls but more comfort and discipline.

About memorable moments of student life. Being the first-year student he worked on a collective farm where he earned peanuts but even that was taken for food. He remembered a strict gateway system in the dormitories and musical-dance parties where they invited girls from XTF (the Faculty of Chemical Technology) and Kyiv Institute of National Economy (now KNEU). At the military meeting in Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky during the evening boys' gatherings, “Haliu, prykhod” was born, and in the dormitory in the kitchen on the 11th floor – “Kaliforniia”. After completing his studies he was distributed to NVO “Kvant” where he worked for three years. It was the place where he realized he would be a professional musician. The first foreign tours were to Poland, where they also made a performance the participants of the International Congress of Ukrainians who were enthusiastically listening to folk songs. Ethnic Rock has become the icon of “Vopli Vidopliassova” since then.

About art. His first concerts were made for his grandmother’s neighbours in the village of Poltava when he was a little boy. In the genus there is no music, except for distant ancestors. He doesn’t play the violin but he’s good at plying the guitar, the accordion, the trumpet, the piano. Depression is a conflict with the internal "I", one should listen to yourself, perhaps, to play another music. No orders, concerts - do not crush, work, write something new, bring it to the audience through the social networks. Asked if he imagines himself as a teacher of KPI, he replied that it was difficult to tell things which are not very simple and not very interesting.

About nowadays. “Ukraine is a beautiful area and wonderful people. The state is only emerging. I believe in the best, in Ukraine, in the government that we trust, in the laws that will work. I sing Ukrainian songs and they are also making Ukraine better”.


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