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FL Student won the Ukrainian language contest

Ніна Цубера

Recently were announced the winners of the city stage of the XVIII Peter Jacyk International Competition on the Ukrainian Language, which annually collects the best schools and universities students, cadets of military schools for the holiday of Ukrainian literature. It is not only a contest, but an event that unites the nation around the language. The initiator and founder of the competition is the International Charitable Foundation "League of Ukrainian patrons", whose first president was a well-known public figure, businessman and philanthropist from Canada, Peter Jacyk.

Each year, more than 5 million students and students take part in the competition. To become the winner of such a large-scale competition is prestigious and responsible at the same time. The tests take place in several stages, in particular, the university stage in our high school coincides symbolically with the Day of Ukrainian Writing and Language — November the 9th.

Nina Zubera, a student at the LA-73 faculty of linguistics, became the winner of the Ukrainian language competition at the university, and later won the city stage among the students of the humanities faculties of higher educational institutions, thus became the best among the students of the capital. Her victory is another step towards self-improvement and a dream.

[The full version of material is in Ukrainian language]


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