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The opening of Myhaylo Kravchuk’s International science conference

2015.05.14 The opening of Myhaylo Kravchuk’s International science conference

14 of May in the convention hall of Academic Senate of NTUU ‘KPI’ was opening ceremony of the XVІ Myhaylo Kravchuk’s International science conference. It united 260 participants from 9 countries.

Myhaylo Pylypovych Kravchuk (1892-1942) is the greatest Ukrainian mathematician of the XX century. His scientific works in different branches of mathematics (higher algebra and mathematical analysis, theory of differential and integral equations etc.) are the part of world scientific treasure. M. Kravchuk was a founder of mathematic faculties in several universities in Kyiv, was creating Ukrainian mathematic terminology, organized the first mathematic academic competition for pupils. He was working in KPI in 1925-1935, was the head of mathematic department, was the Math teacher of Arkhyp Liulka, Sergiy Korolov, Volodymyr Chelomey – the main future constructors. As many representatives of Ukrainian intellectuals, he was repressed and died in forced labor camp of Kolomya at the beginning of 40s of the XX century.

At the opening ceremony of the conference spoke the rector of NTUU “KPI”, the member of the NAS academy of Ukraine Zgurovsky Mihaylo, the community representatives of the village Chovnycia E. Lukashuk and L. Lukashuk, the director of Physico-mathematical institute NPU M.P. Dragomanov, Mykola Praciovytyi, the professor of T. Shevchenko KNU, academician-secretary of the mathematic department AN higher education of Ukraine Igor Parasiuk, Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, associate professor Nadia Zaderey. Were read the congratulations from the director the mathematic institute NAS of Ukraine, the academician of NAS of Ukraine, Anatoliy Samoylenko and famous writer Mykola Soroka – an author of several books about Myhaylo Kravchuk. The students of FMF of NTUU “KPI” − scholars of Myhaylo Kravchuk’s scholarship were awarded the diplomas. The meeting was hold by the head of the mathematic analysis and probability calculus department of FMS of NTUU “KPI”, Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences, professor Oleg Klesov.

All the speakers expressed warm words in address to Doctor of Physical and Mathematical Sciences professor Nina Virchenko, because of whose work the name of Myhaylo Kravchuk was recovered from the oblivion. That was her who in 1992 organized the first conference named after M. Kravchuk and from that time she is its indispensable inspiration. Thanks to her initiative the number of books about Myhaylo Kravchuk saw the world, and also “Selected works by M. Kravchuk”, “Development of mathematic ideas by M. Kravchuk” (in two books).

At the end of the meeting the participants watched the documental film “Calvary of academician Kravchuk .”
After the end of the opening ceremony began the work of the conference on sections “Differential and integral equasions, its usage”, “Algebra. Geometry. Mathematic analysis”, “The theory of probability and mathematic statistics” and “History and methodology of Mathematics”. It will last till 15.05.2015.

The materials of the conference were published before the beginning of the conference on the website of the department of mathematic analysis and theory of probability (, where everyone can review them.


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