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Issue № 34 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2017 year

The project of the Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute is among the winners of the Jean Monnet Programme

2017.11.7-16  тренінгові курси "ЄС як проривний підприємець"

For the scientist from the Faculty of Management and Marketing, the 2017 was a happy year.

Exhibition «Education and Career - Student's Day 2017»

2017.11.16-18 виставка "Освіта та кар'єра – День студента 2017"

On November 16-18, 2017, an international educational exhibition «Education and Career - Student's Day 2017» took place in the Ukrainian House.

At a meeting of the trade union committee of Igor Sikorsky KPI: 23.11.2017

2017.11.23 At a meeting of the trade union committee of  Igor Sikorsky KPI

On November 23, 2017, under the chairmanship of M.O.Bezuglyi,acting Chairman of the trade union committee, held a meeting of the trade union committee of  Igor Sikorsky KPI.

Mynochkin Dmitry Anatolyevich - a research teaching fellow from the Kiev Polytechnic family

Міночкін Дмитро Анатолійович

For fifteen years now, the associate professor of ITS Dmitry Anatolievich Mynochkin belongs to the Kiev Polytechnic family. According to the results of the University Contest "Tutor-Researcher" he was a winner of 2016.

Friendly visit of Romanian scientists

2017.11.05 Візит науковців Бухарестського Інституту мікро- і наноелектроніки Академії наук Румунії

In the beginning of November, the Institute of electronics and microsystem technology of our University hosted the scientists of the Bucharest institute of micro and nanoelectronics at the Romanian Academy of sciences.

School of guides

2017.11.15-12.20 Школа екскурсоводів

One more interesting and useful initiative of the Kiev Polytechnic was realized. On November 15, the Igor Sikorsky KPI school of guides were opened.

FC «Polytech» is the winner of the football championship of Kiev among veterans

2017.10.28  останній матч сезону 2017 року

Every year, from May to October, the city championship of football among veterans teams is taking place in Kyiv (age rating is 45 years or more).

Agreement with the Institute of Automation of the Shandong Academy of Sciences

2017.11.23 Угода з Інститутом автоматики Академії наук провінції  Шаньдун

On November 23rd, in the KPI named after Igor Sikorsky, an agreement with the Institute of Automation of the Academy of Sciences of Shandong Province (People's Republic of China) on cooperation in providing documentation and consultancy services was signed.

Honored the memory of the heroes

2017.11.21 Вшанували пам'ять героїв

On the occasion of the Day of Goodwill and Freedom that celebrates in Ukraine on November 21 and in honor of the beginning of two revolutions: The Orange Revolution (2004) and the Revolution of Goodwill (2013), the teachers, employees and students of the National Technical University of Ukrain

About the experience in Georgia in overcoming the problems of refugees and internally displaced persons from the horse's mouth

2017.11.21 зустріч зі співробітниками Міністерства з питань внутрішньо переміщених з окупованих територій осіб, біженців і розміщення Грузії

On November 21 the students of the FSP was found with a group of employees of the Ministry of internally displaced from the occupied territories persons, refugees and accommodation of Georgia, headed by Minister Sozar Subari and the Minister of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons of Ukraine Vadym Chernysh.

Lecture by Professor Rolf-Dieter Hoyer, General Director of CERN (2009-2015)

2017.11.20 Лекція Генерального директора CERN (2009-2015 рр.) професора Рольфа-Дітера Хойера

"To see a particle of God: what horizons opens CERN and the world science" - that is a name of an open lecture, which was read by the renowned German scientist Rolf-Dieter Hoyer at the KPI on November 20th.

Congratulations to Larisa Serhiivna Hloba

2017.11.18 присуджено Державну премію України в галузі освіти

By the Decree of the President of Ukraine No. 374/2017 of November 18, 2017, the State Prize of Ukraine in Education in 2017 was awarded to Larisa Serhiivna Hloba.

Reportable—elective conference of the Ukrainian Peace Council

2017.11.17 Звітно-виборча конференція Української Ради Миру

On November 17, in the Igor Sikorsky KPI the Reportable—elective conference of the Ukrainian Peace Council was held.

The public right educational event for students

2017.11.17 Спільний правопросвітницький захід для студентів

On November 17, took place the public right educational event of the Main Regional Department of Justice in Kyiv and the National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute".


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