School of guides

One more interesting and useful initiative of the Kiev Polytechnic was realized. On November 15, the Igor Sikorsky KPI school of guides were opened.

This project for polytechnic students was initiated by activists of the G. Denysenko STL and the National polytechnic museum. So, on the one hand, the students will acquire new knowledge and skills, on the other hand, they will have the opportunity to visit the best museums of Kiev and will attend a lot of interesting excursions.

School courses are scheduled for 5 weeks, they will continue up to 20th December. Invited speakers will give lectures, they are able to hold the attention of listeners and teach them such technique. They will also prepare blocks of materials for self-study, which will be in open access.

The organizers of the school decided to move away from the usual format of the course for guides and developed a program that 50% consist of practical training. There have been already arrangements with museums about short master classes before conducting sightseeing tours. It is expected that each student of the school after graduation will be able to write control text and create their own routes.

Everyone who is interested in the history of Igor Sikorsky KPI was invited to the courses and that people who wants to share it with the listeners, who desire to learn how to get information out very qualitatively, find it from different sources and correctly counting on the routes of excursions. Those who wished to take part in it were more than had been expected. The most persistent ones will acquire new knowledge, get useful acquaintances, receive information on the history of Kyiv and Kyiv Polytechnic, and so on. Upon completion of the School students will receive certificates that they have finished the course on the basics of the excursion and can conduct volunteer excursions on the territory of the university.

At the lesson, which was conducted by Alexander Ustenko, a post-graduate student at the Center for Humanitarian Education of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, the students learned the first basics of these skills. Alexander has been teaching oratorical art for several years. He shared with the polytechnics the secrets of how to keep the audience's attention, to express their thoughts clearly and with humor.

The next speaker was Valery Lysenko, a member of the Board of the League of Tourists of Kyiv. He spoke about ways to search and collect information and identify topics for future excursions. As one of the listeners noted after courses: «I have been thinking for a long time, how everything what I know on this topic, I can include in one tour. I found out that it is not necessary to do so, it is better to work out several excursions. Also I understood that booklets are really helpful things: it is better that tourists see more than listen. And there are some «tricks» about accompanying the group, for example, do not to stand people face to the sun, etc».

Professional trainers from the Polytechnic museum (Vitaliy Tatarchuk) and the Chocolate house (Natalia Lykhitskaya) will become future speakers of the School. Also on December 9 at 13:00 Olena Oliynyk will hold an author's excursion «Country of Polytech».

Anastasia Yaroshik Coordinator of the School of guides