In the beginning of November, the Institute of electronics and microsystem technology of our University hosted the scientists of the Bucharest institute of micro and nanoelectronics at the Romanian Academy of sciences. Friendly relations with the laboratory of the nanoelectronics of this institute began during the overall Ukrainian-Romanian research work (RW) No. M / 73 and M / 53 in 2016 and 2017, which co-workers of the faculty Electronics in the Research Institute of Electronics and Microsystem Technology Igor Sikorsky KPI carried out on request of the MES of Ukraine.

The RW is included the examination of new photosensitive materials on the basis of silicon films with impurities of rare earth metals and biochemical sensors / devices based on nanotechnology and MEMS. From the Romanian scientists, the head Dr. Michaela Cusco and his colleagues participate in the research from the laboratory of nanoelectronics, and from Ukrainians, the work is headed by academician of the National academy of sciences of Ukraine U.I. Yakimenko. Employees of Departments of Microelectronics and Sound Engineering and Registration of Information of the Faculty of Electronics take part in the research. The Research on the program of the international Ukrainian-Romanian RW is a productive continuation of the scientific papers which were supported in the Candidate's dissertation of N.V. Maximchuk (headed by professor O.V. Borisov) and outlined in the monograph and the book «Fundamentals of nanoelectronics» that published under the editorship of U.I.Yakimenko. This book, along with other books of authors from the Faculty of Electronics, was showed at the international exhibition « The innovation in Modern Education-2017» and was awarded with the Golden Medal of the competition on the thematic nomination «The innovation in activities of a higher educational institution».

Due to the implementation of the overall of Ukrainian-Romanian RW, the problems of the development and research of photoconductors and MDN-photodiodes with СеОх films are partially solved for the measurement of the intensity of biochemiluminescence and the development and research of an electronic bioluminescent sensor for the determination of toxic substances based on semiconductor photodetectors.

V.M. Spivak, Associate Professor of the Department of Sound Engineering and Information Registration

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