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Issue № 16 of "Kyiv Polytechnic" newspaper, 2016 year

Improves equipment in pharmaceutical and food industry

Костик Сергій Ігорович

Among the young scientists awarded by certificates of NAS Ukraine for achievements in the development of important scientific problems in 2015, the name of Sergey Ihorovych Kostyk - Ph.D., assistant of department biotechnology and engineering FBT is also called.

Rector Scholars from the PPI 2016

Кампус КПІ. Артстіна. ВПІ

Publishing and Printing Institute has been always attracting talented, ambitious and mobile youth. They receive up-to-date knowledge, using the best experience. Therefore, they usually come across few problems while searching for a job.

FMF Mathematicians’ International Relations

Професори О. Клесов і  У. Штадтмюллер

International contacts of the specialists from the Department of mathematical analysis and probability theory of the FMF have recently become highly intensive.

Professor Genrik Sobchuk about cooperation of Representation of the PAS in Kyiv with NTUU "KPI"

Г.Собчук та М.Згуровський

Professor Genrik Sobchuk heads the Representation of the Polish academy of Sciences in Kyiv for several years. And he told about cooperation with NTUU "KPI" to the Kyiv Polytechnic newspaper editorial offices about features of this work.

Developments of NTUU “KPI” at international exhibitions

2016.03.29-31 Експозиція НТУУ КПІ

On 29-31 March at the International Exhibition Center (Kyiv, Brovarsky Avenue, 15) took place VIII International Exhibition “Metalworking. Tools. Plastic – 2016” and the Third International Exhibition “Kyiv Technical Fair – 2016”.

Ukrainian Olympiad of Energy Management

2016.04.18-21 Всеукраїнська олімпіада з енергоменеджменту

At the Institute of Energy Saving and Energy Management was held olympiad on specialty "Energy Management ", in which representatives of 11 universities of Ukraine took part from 18 to 21 April.

To Intellectual Property Day – a meeting in the Ukrpatent

2016.04.26 зустріч в Укрпатенті

On April 26 - the day of the establishment of the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) - the world celebrates the Day of Intellectual Property.

The First Master Class of the Student Space Belka

2016.04.13 Перший майстер-клас студентського простору Belka

On April 13 the first master-class of the student space Belka took place: "Belka with our own hands", in which students made 100 fixtures into LED lamps. In 2 hours a friendly team of 14 people - boys and girls, techies and humanitarians - coped with this task.

Mykola Soroka. Biographical story "One more spring". III part

Квітне рожева сакура

The scientific work Evgen sent to academician Alexandrov in Moscow as Evgeniy Yakovich advised. Anyway, in order to be published in an academic publication academician review is need.

A Word about the Father, or a Heart given to KPI – Serhii Havrysh

Сергій Андрійович Гавриш

On the first of April 2016 on 79-year the heart of Human and Teacher with a capital letter stopped beating – Serhii Havrysh. Extremely sensitive, hard-working, modest, honest and simple man - he gave 55 years of his life and his heart to our KPI.

Pavlo Bondar. To the Memory of the Teacher

Бондар Павло Михайлович

On April 16, 2016, died Pavel Bondar, Ph.D., assistant professor of the Department of Instruments and Systems of Orientation and Navigation of FIE.

Learning to fly

В клубі дельтапланерного спорту НТУУ КПІ "Альтаїр"

Travelling in air not as a passenger but independently, is possible with many types of vehicles, lighter or heavier than air. In order to enjoy the free flight, you must first learn how to fly. In the club delta sport of NTUU KPI "Altair" you are taught to fly on hang-gliders.

Solemn Meeting on 71st Victory Day Anniversary Celebration

2016.05.05 Урочисті збори з нагоди відзначення 71-ої річниці Великої Перемоги

On May, 5th solemn meeting on 71st Victory Day anniversary celebration took place in NTUU ‘KPI’.

Visit of the Guangdong province enterprises representatives (P.R. China)

2016.04.25 Візит представників підприємств провінції Гуандун (Китайська Народна Республіка)

On April 25th Wan Li Group, Gungzhou Research & Design Institute of Chemical Industry delegation from Guangzhou and the enterprise association of Guangdong province (P.R. China) visited NTUU ‘KPI’.

ELNANO Conference at FEL

Завершила роботу 36-а Міжнародна конференція «Електроніка та нанотехнології (ELNANO-2016)»

On 19-21 April 2016 NTUU "KPI" held XXXIV International Scientific Conference "Electronics and nanotechnologies" (ELNANO).

NTUU ‘KPI’ joins the British Council Project in Ukraine – ‘English for universities’

2016.04.08 зустріч керівництва КПІ з менеджером проектів з англійської мови  Британської Ради

It is known that from the 1st of September NTUU ‘KPI’ will shift to the 100% teaching of foreign students in English. Moreover, substantially high level of English would be demanded from Ukrainian students who are to enter the KPI Master’s – according to the B1 criterion standards and B2 for masters entering Postgraduate.

For close people

Виставка мистецьких робіт талановитих жінок КПІ

Giving and receiving gifts is always nice. Especially from relatives. Especially made by hand. That was the reason of starting embroidery for Olga Litvinenko, who is a chief accountant of trade union employees. Once she received birthday embroidered picture.


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