At the meeting of the Academic Council of NTUU "KPI": 14.03.2016

The first item on the agenda was the report of the first rector NTUU "KPI" Y. I. Yakymenka "Creating competitive education system - a requirement of time." Yuriy Ivanovich informed that the priority in today's environment is to ensure competitive quality of education at all levels as an active two-way process based on defining innovation component.

SmartCityKPI project and stages of implementation

Recently, in KPI social media spread information about large-scale project campus Student Council (CPC), aimed at improving living conditions on campus KPI. We like its residents, this project, of course, interested and we wanted to know more about its implementation.

Spring Opening Day

Recently, in the Art Gallery of the Center of Culture and Arts at NTUU "KPI" was an art exhibition of creative works of talented women on the International Women's Day. The works created by female university collaborators.

KPI team is a champion of climbing in Ukraine

The tenth climbing championship of Ukraine among students (type of program - bouldering) was held on February, 19-21 in Kryvyi Rih. 70 strongest athletes - representatives of 14 universities come to measure dexterity.

Police arrested a young man who stabbed three students of KPI

Police officers qualified event as hooliganism. A suspect is in custody. The event occurred about a month ago in Solomyansky region in Kyiv. It was established that about at 01.00 hour three students of "KPI" were returning to the hostel on Borschahivska street.